Sunday, October 16, 2011

In Memory of...


Just a few weeks ago, I was told about the imminent passing of an old client, and friend, and it had a surprising effect on me. While I hadn't seen Rick in like 6 years or so, there was a time when I did consider him a friend, and would talk from time to time, and have a laugh. God, he could laugh. But he was also smart, thoughtful, and had an amazing heart, one that went unnoticed because of a quick and sharp wit. But his was not the first loss I had heard about. There was also George, a kind and quiet man who always showed surprising strength and compassion. And there were thoughts of Jackie, my cousin's husband. They would have celebrated an anniversary recently.

So, with a nod to Rick, George and Jackie, I thought I would take a moment to them, as well as to so many others who have passed through my life, and your life. Here is the incredible kd lang giving, in my opinion, one of the definitive versions of Leonard Cohen's iconic Hallelujah.

I hope this gave you the opportunity to pause and reflect on those you have lost. But I also hope this reminds us all to reach out to those we hold close. Let them know you care, that they made an impact on your life.




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