Friday, October 28, 2011

Big Maybelle • Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On

In an earlier post, I first made mention of Big Maybelle. You can visit that here. I just love her voice, and am saddened that like Miss Amy Winhouse, Maybelle's gift was taken from us far too soon. While many consider Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On to be Jerry Lee Lewis' song, Big Maybelle had recorded it two years before, in 1955. And her version was all kinds of sexy, just give it a listen.

I really enjoy the blues on Gabbin' Blues, a song with plenty of heartache and sass, in equal amounts. It was a hit for Maybelle back in 1953.

Like many of the great singers through the years, Big Maybelle recorded in many different style, from Pop to the Blues to Rock. I love to hear her try her hand at them all, and love her version of Quitting Time.

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