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Glee Redux • Asian F

Glee Season 3

As I continue with my ongoing scheduling problems, I thought I would continue to recap GLEE, only a tad later than most others. GLEE is now on a "baseball hiatus," as Fox carries the Major League Baseball playoffs, returning in three weeks, on November 1st. So here is my recap of the episode that aired on October 4th.

The episode opens with Mercedes showing up to Booty Camp late, blaming her alarm clock. We also see Santana is back on board, but hiding it from Sue.Mercedes starts to work, only to have to stop when she is feeling sick. Mr. Schue is not impressed, and tells all the kids he doesn't want their best, he needs better!

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Soon we see Mr. Schue with Miss Pillsbury at home before school, when Mr. Schue discovers her collection of Bridal magazines. He wants to bring more than just his porn collection to light, he also wants to meet her parents, which immediately causes Miss Pillsbury to panic, before figuring out there is no option. She retreats and regroups!

Mike Chang is at Principal Figgins' office with his father, who is concerned Mike is on drugs - his grade of A- in Chemistry is an "Asian F," he tells the principal. Mike Chang Sr. fears his son's failure is due to the Glee club, and his girlfriend, Tina. The father wants to put an end to both activities. Mike promises to work with a tutor, do whatever it takes if his father just gives him one more chance to prove himself.

Coach Beiste calls a meeting of the football team to tell them they are all to audition for the school musical, West Side Story. They must have a dance ready to go. They all look to Mike, who is feeling a bit pressured at the moment.

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Rachel and Mercedes meet up in the lunch room, and her boyfriend Shane, a football player, notices her hugging her rival for the role of Maria. He is not impressed. He wants her to know that she is better than Rachel. She is moved and sings Spotlight by Jennifer Hudson.

And as would happen, this is the song she sings for the auditions. The trio of directors, Miss Pillsbury, Coach Beiste and Artie, are all impressed by the performance. So is Rachel, who is in the wings and looks worried. Next we see her talking to Kurt, who is leading the class president polls by 11 points. But Santana has a plan for Brittany's campaign, Girl Power. No, not the Spice Girl kind, more of the Beyoncé sort. Brittany sings Run The World (Girls).

Soon the whole school is at her Pep Rally, and dancing to her tune. Kurt sees his dreams of extracurricular additions to his application to NYADA might be in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Mr. Schue comes across Miss Pillsbury and Coach Beiste as they sort through the quandary of who to cast as Maria, Rachel or Mercedes. They are torn. In fact, they want Rachel and Mercedes to audition once again. They want them to sing a song from the movie Fame. Afterwards, Rachel attempts to offer Mercedes a hug, only to be rebuffed.

Mike is getting ready to meet the tutor, when he comes across the dance room. He goes in to dance off some of his frustrations. Instead, he has an inner-dialogue with his father and with Tina. He comes to the realization that he wants to audition for the role of Riff. He sings and dances his way through Cool from West Side Story.

While Coach Beiste loads up on carbs, she discovers no girls have auditioned for Shelby Corcoran's Glee-club, and Mr. Schue is himself to understand what is up with Miss Pillsbury not introducing him to her parents. But soon he is back at the booty camp with Mike, telling the kids how impressed he has been. Soon they get to the latest assignment. Everyone clears the test, except Mercedes. When called on it, she fights back, and starts to walk out. The lights change, and she sings It's All Over from Dreamgirls, with the kids.

Mike is in the dance room, and his mother shows up and calls him on the lies he has been telling. He admits to auditioning for the show, and wanting to be an artist. She stands by him, and gives him a big hug. It seems she too loved to dance, and they dance together. Now, it is time for the Maria-off, and Mercedes sings first, followed by Rachel. They sing Out Here On My Own sung by Irene Cara in the movie Fame.

Rachel comes off the stage and is upset. Finn tells her she was great. Rachel thinks Mercedes was better. Soon she is rushing to see Coach Beiste. Miss Pillsbury comes home to discover a table set for four, and wonders what Mr. Schue might be up to. When she finds it is her parents, she flees. It seems they are Ginger Supremists - preferring the company of other redheads. They fear the gingers will cease to exist soon. Mr. Schue calls them on their odd leanings. Cut to Kurt talking to Rachel, both feeling their dreams are slipping away. Rachel is running for class president because she thinks Mercedes will be cast as Maria, and she needs something for her application. Kurt points out he is running not just for a credit, but he just might be able to make the school a little bit better for gay kids like himself. Rachel doesn't relent.

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It is time to get the casting news, and the indecisive trio make a decision. They will double-cast the role, and run for 2 weeks instead of one. Mercedes will have none of it, and bows out, leaving Rachel as Maria. Rachel sees Finn, who hopes the casting means she will drop out of the race with his step-brother. She won't. He walks away, unsure who will get his vote.

Miss Pillsbury is still ridden with anxiety of her parent's visit, and Mr. Schue tries to figure out how to help her overcome her demons. They get on their knees to prays by the bed, and will sings Fix You by Coldplay.

The notice goes up with the audition results, and Mike is cast as Riff, and celebrates with Tina. Blaine is Tony, and gets a hug from Kurt. Rachel is Maria, and is alone with her news, and a distraught Mercedes goes to see Miss Cocoran to enlist in her new show choir.

See you in November!


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