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Spencer Day • Daybreak

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I am such a fan of Spencer Day, and for so many reasons. First and foremost, he has the most wonderful voice. There is a delicious fullness, a sexy richness to the deep end of his range, and a sweet lightness to the top end. And he is a handsome man, as you can tell from the picture above. His music is also a combines the best of what Pop and Jazz have to offer.I first fell in love with Spencer when I heard his album 'Vagabond', and have been hooked since. I have seen his twice playing live, and like whipped cream on a bowl of ice cream, he is also a very kind and sweet man. And a good man who has a new album out, the newly released 'Daybreak'.

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Last Friday, May 16, 2014, Day released his latest, 'Daybreak'. The ten-song collection is a combination of original songs and amazing covers. As a matter of fact, the songs are split 5 each, with three for #1 hits, and two former #2 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 from the 1960s. There are also five originals songs written by Spencer, which flow seamlessly with the hits, a true tribute to the quality of the songs. 'Daybreak' begins with the original song "Missing Tonight", the song made available when you placed the pre-order. It is a an invitation from Spencer to join him on a trip, which I would accept anytime. That is followed by "Naturally", another original with a sweetness and innocence that drives me to snap my fingers with a smile in my heart.It's a little bit Country, a little bit Pop-licious. Speaking of snapping fingers, the first cover leads off with just that. Lee Hazelwood wrote the next song for Nancy Sinatra, who had a #1 hit with it in 1966. Yes, Spencer tackles "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'", and that made me a very happy boy. Day offers us great range, from a seductive whisper to a growling shout. That leads to "Don't Let Me In", the third original song, and one of my favorites. There is a soft sensuality to the song that just draws me in from the first bars through the to the last. This is Spencer Day singing "Don't Let Me In".

In 1967, The Association has the #2 song on the Billboard Hot 100, and #1 on the Cashbox Top 100 Singles Chart. "Never My Love" was written by brothers Donald and Richard Addrisi, and given a soft and dreamy feel by The Association. While that recording might have felt a big Adult Contemporary, Spencer adds more gravity, and I feel like he could sing with with Lulu. When your hands start to clap involuntarily with the opening of "Wait Till I Get You Alone", rest assured you are not alone. The original song has a wonderful and sexy energy, and i find it impossible not to wish he was plotting to get me alone. Next up, Day offers us another hit from 1967. Written by band members Felix Cavaliere and Eddie Brigati, The Young Rascals has a #1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 for four weeks with "Groovin'". Spencer retains the Folk/Pop feel, but still gives us a Jazz edge with some cool vocals. The calendar pushed forward to 1969, when Creedence Clearwater Revival scored a #2 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 with "Bad Moon Rising". The song was written by frontman John Fogerty, Spencer pulls it from Psychedelic Rock to Acid Jazz, flirting with several genres. In the final cover song on the album, Spencer sings a song by the iconic writing team of John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Peter and Gordon recorded the song, and it went to #1 on both the Billboard and Cashbox Hot 100 Pop Song charts. I love the laid-back feeling of Spencer Day singing "World Without Love".

The album ends like it started, with a beautiful original from Spencer Day. "You Don't Know You're Lonely" has a wonderful energy, and once more I find myself unable to resist it. There is joy, love, and strength to be found, a combination that is nothing but win. I love the album, and think it might actually top Day's 2013 release, 'The Mystery of You'. I love both albums, but there is something intrinsically loving about 'Daybreak', I just find myself listening to it time and time again. I cannot get enough, and I am starting to feel like I am an addict, and this album is my crack. I can't really pick a favorite cut - if forced, I'd most likely pick the last song I heard, for they are all so damn good! You can purchase 'Daybreak' from Bandcamp. For some reason, it is available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon, and not delivered until June 3rd. I'm glad I went to Bandcamp, and have it on my iPod now! To learn more about Spencer Day, visit his official website. You can also 'like' him on Facebook and 'follow' him on Twitter. Be sure to check out his touring schedule, and go if he is playing near you. I promise you, you will love it!

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