Friday, May 30, 2014

Ignite Your Weekend!

Jason Walker - I Can't Get You Off My Mind photo Jason-Walker-I-Cant-Get-You-Off-My-Mind_zps608a4a0b.jpg Groove Armada feat Will Young - History photo GrooveArmada-History_zps0f1aa510.jpg
Christopher Dallman - Nighttime in the City Radboy Remix photo ChristopherDallmanNighttimeintheCityRadboyRadioEditCOVER_zpsf879725a.jpg That Rogue Romeo - Domino photo ThatRogueRomeo2_zpsc64c1008.jpeg
Clockwise: Jason Walker, Groove Armada, That Rogue Romeo, and Christopher Dallamn.

It is time to kick off the weekend, and this time out, I thought I would offer a group of songs I really like, and come together for no other reason than I have put them in the same post. There is no overall theme, same that all four are in my iTunes, ready to be played. I will start with a voice I still find incredible. From the first time I heard him sing, to the last time I played his music, Jason Walker always blows me away, and leaves me wanting more. "I Can't Get You Off My Mind" appeared on his 2007 album, 'Flexible', which also had "Can't Stop" and "Foolish Lover (I'm Sorry)" on the track listing. This is the official music video for Jason Walker's "I Can't Get You Off My Mind".

You can purchase 'Flexible' from iTunes and Amazon. I first discovered Groove Armada, made up by electronic artists Andy Cato and Tom Findlay, when they worked with a favorite of mine, Will Young. The British duo paired up with the fantastic British singer for the 2010 release. The song is "History", and it has a wonderful sound, that was just a bit retro, and just the right amount of current to set it apart. And Young's vocals were dreamy and muysterioius, and I couldn't stop listening to the song. This is the official music video for Groove Armada featuring Will Young with "History".

The song can be found on Groove Armada's album 'Blacklight', which can be purchase from iTunes and Amazon. When I think of singer/songwriter Christopher Dallman, I don't go straight to dance music. But there have been a couple of times when an imaginative DJ picked out a great song and gave it a wonderful treatment. That was the case with his song "Nighttime in the City", which I first came to know off his album 'Race the Light', which is how I got to know Dallman. I was intrigued by every song on the album, and couldn't wait to hear more from the man. Eight years after the first release, out came a remix of the song that I just found so very cool. Give a listen to Christopher Dallman's "Nighttime in the City (Radboy Radio Edit)" and see what you think.

You can purchase 'Nighttime in the City' from iTunes and Bandcamp. Finally, I could listen to just about anything That Rogue Romeo put out. I love the way he pulls together the drive and edge of great Rock music with the sound and energy of fantastic Electronica. He released 'Machine and Magic' in 2012, and I loved it. The following year, That Rogue Romeo released 'Rebuilt', a collection of Remixed songs off the first album, giving a whole new feel to them. I was particularly fond of the song "Domino", written by That Rogue Romeo (aka Kevin Stea) and Stefano Borzi. The love kept flowing with the remixes. This is That Rogue Romeo with "Domino (EmJay's Neomaster video version)".

You can find "Domino (EmJay's Master)" on the remix album 'Rebuilt', which can be purchased from iTunes and Bandcamp. I hope you enjoyed the music you heard here, and think about adding it to your own collection. No matter what you decide, I hope you have a great weekend.

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