Monday, May 19, 2014

Dark Monday • Raul Esparza Sings "Simple Joys"

Raul Esparza photo raul-esparza_zpsbf08a1b7.jpg

Because I wanted to post something special this week, I went to YouTube and found a clip of my Broadway boyfriend, Raul Esparza, that I had not seen before. It seems 10 years ago, in 2004, Raul appeared at 'Broadway Under the Stars', a free concert in Bryant Park, New York. Before this event started in 2002, Bryant Park was mostly known as the home to many shows during fashion week, including the finals for 'Project Runway'. Raul took part in 2004, singing a song from 'Pippin', the first Broadway show I had ever seen. He performed "Simple Joys", the first act number originally performed by Ben Vereen. That was in the 1972 production of the show composed by the amazing Stephen Schwartz, a fictitious look at the life of Pippin the Hunchback, son of Charlemagne. This is Raul looking all kinds of sexy singing "Simple Life".

The original production also starred John Rubinstein, Jill Clyburgh, Leland Palmer, and Irene Ryan. The show was choreographed by the incredible Bob Fosse, and to this day, I still clearly remember many of the dance moves. After seeing the show, I went out and purchased the Original Broadway Cast album, which I still have today. And now I have this video clip, I can watch as often as I want.

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