Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Supreme Fabulettes • A Drag Queen Is A Cowboy's Best Friend

The Supreme Fabulettes photo Fabuletts001_zps5aba1b0f.jpg
Johnny Hazzard photo Fabuletts003_zps680d828d.jpg The Supreme Fabulettes photo Fabuletts002_zps8147d2db.jpg
The Supreme Fabulettes photo Fabuletts004_zpsd8d4ae59.jpg Johnny Hazzrad & friends photo Fabuletts005_zps3c7585bc.jpg

Above you will see some screen grabs from the latest music video from Vanilla Lush (the blond), Vicki Vivacious (the brunette), and Maddison Lee (the redhead), better known collectively as The Supreme Fabulettes. Their single, "A Drag Queen Is A Cowboy's Best Friend", was written by Boy George, and he also directed the music video. As you can see, The ladies are joined in the music video by several handsome men, including the adorable Johnny Hazzard. The song is just a delight, at least for me. I hope you enjoy "A Drag Queen Is A Cowboy's Best Friend".

To learn more about The Supreme Fabulettes, you can visit them on their official website. You can 'like' them on Facebook or "follow" them on Twitter. You can purchase "A Drag Queen Is A Cowboy's Best Friend" on iTunes and Amazon.

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