Friday, June 14, 2013

Scandocious J.R. • The Boy That I Like (Don't Like Me Back)

Scandocious J.R. photo ScandoliousJR_zps8c6b4f00.jpg

It is Friday morning, and many will be getting ready to take advantage of your weekend off from work, so I thought I would bring a little something to the table to get your weekend off a little early. So today I offer you "The Boy That I Like (Don't Like Me Back)" the latest by Scandocious J.r., aka 'The King of Gay Music'. The Chicago native has been making out and proud Hip-Hop music for a while, and just always seems to up his game. This song if from the up coming album 'Secrets of the King', and I am certainly looking forward to learning some of J.R.'s secrets. But first, give a listen to "The Boy That I Like (Don't Like Me Back)".

To learn more about J.R., you can 'like' him on Facebook, and 'follow' him on Twitter. When his new album, 'Secrets of the King' is released, I hope to being you more about Scandocious' music. You can check out his other music on iTunes and Amazon.


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