Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New Music Courtesy of Gable Music

Jeremy Hebbel photo GableThe6_001_zps049f4612.jpg Lauren Kuhne photo GableThe6_002_zpsadbba6f4.jpg
Elephants Gerald photo GableThe6_005_zps53e17d66.jpg
Stewart Lewis photo GableThe6_003_zps2ff27beb.jpg Joy Ike photo GableThe6_004_zps20ea4980.jpg
Michael Natrin photo GableThe6_007_zps481d559f.jpg Sol Knopf photo GableThe6_006_zpsbe64d09c.jpg
Row 1, from top: Jeremy Hebbel of Gable Music and Lauren Kuhne. Row 2: the band Elephants Gerald. Row 3: Stewart Lewis and Joy Ike; Row 4: Michael Natrin and Sol Knopf. Photos by Howard Stump.

At the start of last winter, I went to a great event in Wilmington, Delaware, having been invited by the talented Stewart Lewis. He himself had been invited to play by Gable Music, a local group that supports and promotes local music events. I was thrilled to go, and went with my sister, Kathy. The basis for the event was that Gable Music invited six singer/songwriters, and each are given their time to perform the music they loved to play. Having known only Stewart's music at the start of the evening, I was looking forward to hearing a whole bunch that was new! So we made out way to the Chris White Gallery in Wilmington, and found a space buzzing with activity, and walls lined with beautiful art. Gayle Dillman and Jeremy Hebbel of Gable Music took on the duties of introducing the artists for the evening, starting with Delawarean Lauren Kuhne. Enjoy as you listen to Lauren singing "Lady Music".

To learn more about Lauren Kuhne, visit her on ReverbNation. For me, Stewart Lewis is an artist who needs no introduction. I've seen him a couple of times, and he has always impressed me. I also have his CDs and EPs in my collection, and listen to his music all the time. Once again, Stewart was amazing, and I was glad I was there. I hope you enjoy the video of Lewis performing "Shine", off his album 'In Formation'.

To learn more about Stewart Lewis, visit his official website. You can also find his music on iTunes and Amazon. Before showing up and seeing her name on the poster, I didn't really have a clue who Joy Ike, or anything about her music. Joy drove in from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but her voice certainly showed no signs of being tired. I thought her voice was captivating, and her songs well-written. Enjoy the clip of Joy Ike singing "Happy".

To learn more about Joy Ike, visit her official website. You can find Joy Ike's music on iTunes and Amazon. The next up was the group from Baltimore going by the name of Elephants Gerald. The artfully combine Folk, Rock, Pop & Americana influences to craft a sound that is both exciting and organic. Check out the clip of Elephants Gerald singing "Ticker Tape Parade".

To learn more about Elephants Gerald, visit the official website. You can find Elephants Gerald's music on iTunes and Amazon. Next up, Sol Knopf took the stage. Sol makes a home for his family in Delaware, in the town where I grew up! While he regularly performs, Sol would truly consider himself a songwriter, having won a recent songwriting contest, and having his music heard by some of the top artists in Nashville. In this clip, Knopf sings one of his beautiful songs, "Is It Real?".

To learn more about Sol Knopf, visit his official website. You can find Sol Knopf's music on iTunes, Amazon, as well as his online store. The final artist on the bill was Michael Natrin, who was one of my Twitter friends I knew online, but had never met, so I was very pleased to have the chance to hear him play live. Natrin is one half of the duo 'The Honeybadgers', along with Erin Magnin. Their music is a combination of folk and Americana, in the style of the great Pete Seeger. In the following clip, you can hear Michael singing with Erin on The Honeybadgers song, "South of the Border".

To learn more about Michael Natrin, visit his official website. You can find Michael's work as part of The Honeybadgers on Bandcamp. If you'd like to find out more about Gable Music, visit their official website, or 'follow' them on Twitter.

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