Saturday, June 15, 2013

Liza Minnelli • Easy

Liza Minnelli - Tropical Nights photo LizaMinnelli-TropicalNights_zps35637ecd.jpg

While trying to brainstorm what I was going to post for this fine Saturday morning, I was at a loss a bit. I just couldn't decide, with a bunch of ideas floating through my brain. But one I remembered the inspiration for the Saturday morning posts, I knew the direction I needed to take. You see, a long time ago, I was trying to figure out this whole blogging thing, and I thought it would be oh-so-clever if I were to post Liza Minnelli singing "Come Saturday Morning", originally on the soundtrack to Liza's film, 'The Sterile Cuckoo'. So I went back to dear Liza, and thought about going to see her in 'The Act' while still in high school, something that sealed my fate as her fan since. In fact, I still have my show program from the show, which tells you something. After seeing that show, I went out to purchase the latest from Liza, which turned out to be the odd album, 'Tropical Nights'. I say add, for it is an odd combination of Funk and Disco, some of which really works, and some did not. I was particularly fond of the song 'Easy', written by Jim Grady, who was also credited as 'Arranger, Composer, Concept, Piano, Piano (Electric), String Arrangements, and Vocals' for the album.

See, it really was a sweet song. I also find her medley of the title cut and "Bali Ha'i" to be something special, and one of the times on the album her voice is allowed to soar. Now, I am very happy to have this album in my collection, I can't say I would heartily recommend it to someone looking for some great Liza. There is a great wealth from which to choose, and I would go for one of the greatest hits collection. With that in mind, I would suggest anyone in the mood to buy the 'Ultimate Collection: Liza Minnelli' on iTunes and Amazon.

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