Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Happy Birthday, Skott Freedman!

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Today is the birthday of the talented musician, Skott Freedman. In getting this post together, I came to realize I have been a fan of Skott's music for longer than I have realized. It all came out when I came across his cover of "Walking In Memphis", by Marc Cohn. The song appeared on his 2003 release, 'Some Company'. As I am want to do, I found the album on CD Baby, and purchased it, along with his 2001 album, 'Anything Worth Mentioning'. Once they arrived, I played them, and instantly was blown away by this man, and his amazing talent. I swear, I would be able to listen to an instrumental album of Freedman playing the piano, it was so damn good. I swear, after listening, I put the CD player on repeat, and just was bathing in his music. The piano-driven music was lush, and ranged from sweet to intense. He had me from the first bar to the last.

Skott Freedman - Swimming After Dark photo SkottFreedmanSwimmingAfterDarkCOVER_zps14f83511.jpg skott freedman - anything worth mentioning photo SkottFreedmanAnythingWorthMentioningCOVER_zpsfbb7a003.jpg
Slott Freedman - Some Company photo SkottFreedmanSomeCompanycover_zps481ececc.jpg Skott Freedman - Judge A Book photo SkottFreedmanJudgeABookCOVER_zpsd71b4ace.jpg

So today is Skott's birthday, and to celebrate the day, I thought I would post a little retrospective of his music. I will start with the title song off his second album, 'Some Company'. The song has a great energy, combining a youthful swagger to a base of raw emotion. The piano has such a high-octane pace, and yet his vocals kept up with it, carrying us on the journey that went from hurt to joy, to dreams that allow you to bargain with God and be a better person. Enjoy the song"Some Company", written and performed by Skott Freedman.

But there was also a slower, softer side to Freedman's music. When I first heard "Do You" from his album 'Anything Worth Mentioning', I was so very touched. There was such a great honesty Skott brings to the song, and a beautifully soulful quality. This is only highlighted by stunning guest vocal by Kristin Cifelli. Listen to "Do You", and hear a different side of Freedman.

Now to return to his 2003 release, there is a stunning song that offered a message that was years ahead of time. "Until That Time", off 'Some Company', is basically telling people going through a tough time that things do, indeed, get better. If you are hurting today, or if you feel lonely, and don't quite feel as though you have the strength, look to your friend to lend a shoulder for you to rest, and regain your strength. I just adore this song.

Skott Freedman - Zombie photo SkottFreedmanZombieCOVER_zpsc5fca27e.jpg Skott Freedman - The Cottage Sessions photo SkottFreedmanTheCottageSessionsCOVER_zps3cd23d0e.jpg

Since I was already a fan, by the time he released 'Judge A Book' in 2005, I needed to get it right away. The album was a collection of songs chosen by votes from the fans, giving Freedman the opportunity to do some great arrangements for this cover album. He also did a few duets, all quite enjoyable. I will admit that I somehow managed to miss the release of his next album, The Cottage Sessions.' It came out in the fall of 2009, and I didn't realize it for about a month. What amazed me most was that I knew it was coming, because I had purchased the first single from the album a few months before, a cover of "Zombie" by The Cranberries. This song was a perfect match for his voice, and I loved it.

In 2010, Skott recorded the title track from a compilation album for charity. "I Hear On The Streets", from the album 'I Hear On The Streets', looked to raise money to benefit New Alternatives for LGBT Homeless Youth in NYC. The song was written by Emily Nyman, Lynn Berry, and Thomas Raniszewski. The song was dedicated to Jimmy Wheeler, a young man who took his life as the result of bullying. The song is really beautiful.

'I Hear On The Streets' can be purchased from iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby. I have long wished I could see and hear Skott performing live, and still hold on to that dream. You can learn more about Skott Freedman on his official website. You can also 'like' him on Facebook, or check out his videos on YouTube. You can also find his music on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby.

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