Saturday, June 29, 2013

Long John Baldry • Make It Easy On Yourself

Long John Baldry photo long-john-baldry_zps36b86fa1.jpg

In keeping with the last weekend of Gay Pride Month, I thought I would bring out a favorite artist singing a great song. Long John Baldry is a favorite of mine, from his early Pop recordings to his later blues music, it all just makes me happy. I learned he was a gay man, and was out while he was getting his career started in England in the 1960s, which couldn't have been easy. In fact, he left England for Canada in 1978, where the laws and people were more accepting of his sexuality. In 1966, Baldry released the album 'Looking at Long John', and it included the cover of a few classic songs, including the great Bacharach/David song, "Make It Easy On Yourself".

His voice is just something special for me. And it just kept getting better. I still cannot get enough of Long John Baldry! Have a great weekend!

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