Friday, June 21, 2013

Cazwell • Guess What (featuring Luciana)

Cazwell - Guess What photo GuessWhat001_zps1a4d858f.jpg Cazwell - Guess What photo GuessWhat002_zps59a1b32f.jpg
Cazwell & Luciana - Guess What photo GuessWhat004_zps830f158b.jpg Cazwell & Luciana - Guess What photo GuessWhat003_zps35a77345.jpg

As the weekend kicks into gear, it seems almost mandatory to have the latest single from Cazwell to help us get ready for a party. With a new music video, we can all enjoy Cazwell working with Luciana on "Guess What". The collaboration is a good one, allowing Cazwell a chance to go at full tilt on the song, a party boy you can't wait to arrive a little late to the party. The song mixes up the tempos and the intensity levels, keeping us wondering about what might be coming next. It certainly had me bopping around in my chair. Enjoy the music video of "Guess What", featuring Cazwell and Luciana.

You can find "Guess What" on iTunes. To learn more about Cazwell, visit his official website. You can keep up on the latest news, including where you might catch up with Cazwell if you 'like' him on Facebook, and 'follow' him on Twitter. Trust me, it is never boring to have Cazwell in your Twitterfeed...

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