Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Morning • The Lord's Prayer

Il Divo photo Il-Divo_zpsbaf5d118.jpg
Il Divo are, from left to right, Urs Bühler, David Miller, Carlos Marin and Sébastien Izambard.

As part of my celebration of Father's Day, I thought it to be a good start to offer up a song to one of the biggest Daddies of them all. Many have used "The Lord's Prayer" to sing His praises, but few could sing it quite like Il Divo, as they did on their 2005 Christmas album. Il Divo are Urs Bühler, David Miller, Carlos Marin and Sébastien Izambard, four trained opera singers who lend their talents as a quartet, singing anything from Classic masterpieces to Pop confections. Sit back and enjoy as the boys sing "The Lord's Prayer".

You can purchase Il Divo's "The Lord's Prayer" from iTunes and Amazon. To learn more about Il Divo, visit their official website. There you can check out the new release, a 'Greatest Hits' collection that will be sure to include some great music. You might also want to look at 'An Evening With Il Divo', when they sing a selection of interesting music. Recorded in Barcelona, the collection also includes a beautiful version of "Amazing Grace".

'An Evening with Il Dino' is available on iTunes and Amazon.

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