Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Love Wins • Celebrating Moves Toward Equality

Declan Bennett photo Declan_Bennett_zps90cc2709.jpg Tom Goss photo Tom_Goss_zps28c90ae6.jpg
Christopher Dallman photo Christopher_Dallman_zpse4263868.jpg David Raleigh photo David_Raleigh_zps9b3aebf4.jpg
Clockwise: Declan Bennett, Tom Goss, David Raleigh, and Christopher Dallman.

With two big decisions coming from the Supreme Court of the United States concerning the love of gay Americans, first striking down the bigoted Defense of Marriage Act, and then refusing to hear the case about California's Prop 8, which allowed the lower court's decision to throw out the amendment to the California State constitution which stipulated that marriage was only between one man and one woman. The decisions make way for gay marriages recognized as legal in a state must be recognized by the Federal government. The latter decision opened the door for California to be the 12th state in the United States to legalize the committed relationships of loving adults no matter their sexual orientation. And that leads me to the first song of the post, written and performed by the very handsome Declan Bennett. Declan is currently lighting up the Londonstage with his starring role in the West End musical 'Once'. In 2011, the British-born singer/songwriter released an impressive collection of songs on the album 'Record:Breakup'. One of those songs is the beautiful "Love Wins". The song, a hopeful look at a world where love does indeed win, grabs my attention every time I hear it. So please enjoy Declan, the first of four out and proud gay singer/songwriters, as he sings "Love Wins".

You can purchase Declan Bennett's 'Record: Breakup' from iTunes and Amazon. Next up I offer you an artist who is most definitely close to love. Tom Goss often jokes during his live shows about how much of his songbook is devoted to the topic, and from more than one angle. It seems his own marriage to Mike is a real source of inspiration. I had plenty of material from which to choose, and I decided to go with the song that never fails to charm me, no matter how many times I hear it. "Till The End" first appeared on Tom's 2009 release, 'Back To Love'. I hope you enjoy this version I taped at a recent live show, with a freind joining Tom for the song. Please enjoy watching Tom Goss sings "Till The End" with Matt Alber.

You can purchase Tom Goss' 'Back To Love' from iTunes and Amazon. Next up, I have another artist who is happily married. Christopher Dallman is an artist I have long loved to listen to, his music just captivating. Chris is married to Josh, and they seem to be very happy. Josh even co-starred with Christopher in his stunning music video "Over My Head", featured on his first album. But I will treat you to another song, seemingly inspired by his relationship. "Anthem" is a wonderful song, and Chris delivers it perfectly on the single.

You can purchase Christopher Dallman's 'Anthem' single from iTunes and Amazon. And, finally, I offer you a wonderful song from a singer/songwriter who splits his time between New York City and Australia, the lucky devil. "I Do" was the first single off his beautiful album, 'Beginning Again'. It is filled with love and joy, and I just can't help from falling in love every time I see or hear it! So here is the official music video for David Raleigh's "I Do".

You can purchase David Raleigh's 'Beginning Again' from iTunes and Amazon. And celebrate our great nation inching closer to equality all the time!

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