Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sacha Sacket • Low Blow

Sacha Sacket Low Blow photo SachaSacketLowBlow_zps9a96f147.jpg

I will start by making mention that the cover of the single "Low Blow" can be seen above, and that alone is worth the price of buying the new single. But I am also a big fan of Sacha Sacket's music, and will race to check out any of his music, and will be keen to purchase it without a preview. Sacha's skills as a songwriter are the perfect complement to his amazing voice, which has great depth, and so filled with emotion. "Low Blow" is a great example, with the music layered, giving such amazing textures. The song combines some traditional rock sounds, adding in a bit of electronic synth to freshen the mix. The overall sound is a bit more stark than normal, taking his music and adding a stronger edge.

The second new single available is "Aim", and it is just as surprising as it is beautiful. The song is very electronic, a departure from Sacha's usual Indie Rock sound. But the sound goes so well with his soaring voice, which truly takes the song to new heights in the chorus. "Aim" has a wonderful lightness, a marked contrast to the darkness of "Low Blow". Press play and just let it wash over you.

You can purchase either "Low Blow" or "Aim" (or both!) on Sacha's Bandcamp page. To learn more about Sacha Sacket, visit his official website. You can also 'like' him on Facebook, and 'follow' him on Twitter. Sacha also has a page on Tumblr. He is also taking part in the 'It Gets Better' tour, participating in the musical which to explore the effects of bullying today. In fact, he recently released a song he had written for the show, "A Song For Jamey", a stunning song about which I posted here. For more information about the 'It Gets Better' tour, visit the official website.

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