Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spencer Day • The Mystery of You

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For fans of Spencer Day, it has been a long wait. Day's last full album, 'Vagabond', was released in 2009. There was the holiday EP, 'If Christmas Doesn't Kill Me', that dropped last November, which served to whet the appetite for what was to come. So when 'The Mystery of You' finally hit the online stores last Tuesday, I couldn't wait to download it and give it a few listens. Now that I have gotten that accomplished, I can't wait to tell you all about it. But first, for those who might not know of Spencer Day, you really must fix that. Spencer hails from Salt Lade City, Utah, but now resides in California. Day is an out and proud singer/songwriter, signed to Concord Jazz record label. I fell in love with him after listening to 'Vagabond', and was charmed by the holiday release. Want to know what makes me very happy? I am so happy to say 'The Mystery of You' is just wonderful, as I had expected. Day has a way of capturing styles, or even periods, without sounding like a nostalgic cover band. Instead, he reinterprets the those styles to sound fresh. The album begins with a short instrumental "Intro", written by Day. That prepares us for the title cut off the album, "The Mystery of You", written by Day, Evan Rogers, and Carl Sturken. When listening, this put me in mind of theme songs to movies and television shows in the 1960s, mysterious, stylish and so very flirty. That track is followed by a song written by Day and Rupert Christle, "Here I Go". This song has a lighter, breezier feel, showing what a deft touch Spencer has with his vocals. There are certain events in our lives that seem repetitive, like falling in love and breaking up, when we know where we are headed, but we hit the gas anyway. On "Love and War", which features a haunting vocal by Gaby Moreno, has a sweet and timeless feeling at the top. Written by Spencer Day, there is a darker side that comes through, balancing this song nicely. With music by Day and Yair Evnine and lyrics by Day and Bill Demain, "Soul On Fire" starts with a sweet opening, before digging down deep to speak from the heart. While no videos have been released for the album, there is one that will give you some great highlights.

The second "Something Wicked" began to play, I was transported, the sexy and hypnotic sound tickling me just right. Written by Day, Marc Jackson Burrows, and Cliff Goldmacher, the song puts Haight-Ashbury in a smooth Jazz setting, with just the right dose of sultry. From the first sweet notes of "I Don't Want To Know", we realize this will be something different than the other songs. Once again, Day enlisted the talents of Gaby Moreno to perfectly support his vocals. The song, written by Day, Larry Goldings, and Jeffrey Scharf, captures so many feelings we've all had in a relationship that is definitely not on the way up. With the sound of the drums in the first bars of "The Answer", written by Day, Evan Rogers, and Carl Sturken, there is a shift. There is a hurt in those drums, a level of drama. This one immediately brings Elvis to mind, for there is something in Spencer's voice that recalls the King. We quickly shift our hips when the samba rhythm kicks in for "Shadow Man". Written by Spencer, there is a lightness I immediately love. Next up is another song written by Day, "Somewhere On The Other Side". There is a darkness in the opening of the song, but the chorus brings the light, and uplifts us all, with a great guitar riff leading the way. With the opening bars of "A Long Way (Black Rock City)", there is a sexiness to Spencer's vocals, which start out light but grow stronger to the chorus. The song has music by Day and Larry Goldings, and lyrics by Day. There is a wonderful timelessness to the song. Now, I've mentioned there are no music videos released yet, but I couldn't resist reminding everyone how amazing Spencer is, so I am including a clip of "Til You Come To Me", off the album 'Vagabond'.

There is a beauty in the lightness of "Nevermind", written by Day and Larry Goldings. It almost has an acoustic feel, with simple accompaniment to Spencer's vocals, adding to the tender acceptance of the song. "I'm Going Home", written by Day and Cliff Goldmacher, rounds out the album. I love this as a last cut, for it bring the emotional journey of the album to a great finish, and is just a damn good song. I know I keep humming and singing this song long after the album is finished. Although I have to admit I also had an irresistible urge to listen to the album time and time again.

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The great news is 'The Mystery of You' is now available on iTunes and Amazon. The twelve-song collection is a great addition to any music collection, and you really need to have Spencer Day singing to you on a fairly regular basis. To learn more about Spencer, visit his official website. You can also 'like' him on Facebook and 'follow' him on Twitter. And as tour dates come up, be sure to check in and see if there is a show near you. I have yet to have the privilege of seeing Spencer perform live, but hope to remedy that soon.


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