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Being Human • "For Those About to Rot"

This is Being Human Season 3 Episode 10 of the SyFy Channel's version of the great series first produced on the BBC. Since the early episodes of the series, the SyFy version, set in Boston, Massachusetts, found a narrative of its own, allowing the ghost, the vampire, and the werewolf to step out of the shadowy constraints of the British original and find a life of their own. I love both series!

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When we left them last week, things were really starting to get exciting. Nora had a change of heart, and vowed to keep Aiden safe from Liam McLean. Josh did as well, after he had saved the vampire from the werewolf, and was scratched himself. Nora also met another werewolf, Pete, whose laid back attitude and freewheeling ways are the antithesis of Josh. And while chatting with Nick, Sally admitted to eating a mouse, a penchant Nick also shared since resurrection. When his girlfriend Zoe came home to find him chowing on a dog, something happened we are sure was not good. And Aiden recovered from the dreaded blood virus that was killing vampires, with a dangerous drink of werewolf blood. And he shared the secret with Blake, with the promise Josh and Nora remain unharmed. What will happen this week?

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The episode begins with Josh in the woods, naked and wanting to chat with his wolf. He sees him, but the wolf is skidish, and takes off. Naked Josh is such a pleasant surprise, for I seem to forget how not geeky he is under those shirts. That brings Josh out of his meditation, a bit irritated he can't get in touch with his inner wolf. Pete offers a smile, as well as tea and a cookie. Back in Boston, Aiden wakes up around some trash cans, with only memories of a time long ago, when he was first turned, trying to make things work with his wife, who lost his son in childbirth. He makes his way back to the house, where Sally is up and questioning him about being barefoot and malodorous. Aiden doesn't remember how he got to the trashy alley. She accuses him of going on a bender, and he swears he wasn't, he had just one bag of blood before he went to bed. Sally thinks Aiden is backed up, sexually. It's been too long since he last partook, and Sally thinks his subconscious is taking him out at night, looking for lovin'. Aiden explains his relationship with Kat is not sexual yet, they are about to have their second date. Sally is mocking him, and all I can see is the area of rotting flash on her forehead. But she gets a call from Zoe, and she rushes over, to find Nick lifeless on the floor.

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Josh is chatting with Pete, talking about his consciousness, wanting Josh to get some 'face time with his furrier side', and perhaps a night in the camper park with a six-pack will do it. Back to Zoe's house, and Nick is talking, telling Zoe she must be careful, for both he and Sally are dangerous now - at some point the hunger will take over. It is then Nick's door appears, and he he leaves, after warning Zoe to be afraid of Sally - she will be dangerous. I have to admit I will miss his cuteness on the show. Then we see the dead body on the floor, and Sally calls Josh to help burying him there. As they bury Nick's body, Sally talks about the hunger, and that she isn't a flesh eater, but maybe she is. Just mice, she assures him. She's quit, but then she remembers about Stevie, her other ghost buddy that was reanimated. Is he out there all alone, trying to deal with the fleshy hunger? Back in Revolutionary time, Aiden is in church with his wife, joined by the congregation in their mourning, but also asking that they might someday be worthy of having a child. Aiden is angered by the preacher's talk, making their private problems public. Back to present day, Aiden is on his second date with Kat, in a library. She shows him a book, published by Edmund Waite. He is taken aback, and explains he was his father, err, ehm, his father's great grandfather. That uncomfortable moment is interrupted by Kat's ex coming in the room, a welcome misdirection for Aiden.

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Josh and an emotional Sally go to the house of Stevie's parents, hoping to learn what is going on with the other ghost reanimated. Sally is worried about telling Stevie's parents their son might be dangerous, but after they knock, it is Stevie who answers, looking fresh. Back at the library, and Aiden fights with the jerk, quite the condescending ass. Kat is glad he managed to get away, but needs to find a place to get some drinks. Stevie is talking to Sally and Josh, about his struggle to find a place for him, what with looking like a teenage boy for the rest of eternity. He also mentions his parents won't be coming back, at least not for a week... Back with an adult beverage in hand, Kat is talking about her relationship with Jeff, the jerky ex. She speaks of his two kids from a previous marriage, and they had a great life together, talking about marriage and more kids of their own. One day, he mentioned there would be no more kids for him, and marriage was overrated. Aiden listened solemnly, and finally explains he can't have children of his own - he wished he could, but it can't happen. This is an odd direction for a second date conversation to take, for is is surely a dark cloud passing. He tells her, he helped create the world in which Stevie feels so much pain. He must make things better for him.

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Back in the 1700s, the preacher comes to see see Aiden and his wife, asking why they are no longer attending weekly services. Aiden expresses his anger for the words of the preacher, who points out this is Aiden's problem, and it is unGodly. Push comes to shove, and Aiden punches him. He leaves, and Aiden's wife is upset about what went on. Back in Stevie's house, he is telling Sally he won't go to live with the kids, for they have crazy things happening all the time. Josh goes to the bathroom, and looks for replacement soap. He sniffs around and find a disembodied arm in a cabinet. He calls the two former ghosts, and Stevie admits that he has already eaten his parents, and is now working on the postman. If they really want to help him, he asks if they would help him die. He has wanted to do it, but it brings back the awful feelings of when he committed suicide as a teen. He begs them for their help. They try to console him, and he tries to snack on Josh. Again, he begs for their help. Josh asks Sally to leave them alone, and since he brought them back, he must do something. Stevie is is so much pain, he must fix it. Sally is upset, and can't believe Josh will be doing something like this.

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Sally waits in the kitchen, and hears the sound of Stevie's passing. When Josh comes in, she is hurt and worried, knowing she must be next. He holds her tight, telling her they will find a way to help her. Stevie's ghost appears, and thanks them both for all the help they've been, and how they helped him grow in so many ways. His door appears, and he is happy to be passing through it. As he walks through, he looks back, and Sally notices a clam shell on the door. She calls to him, but it is too late, he passes through. She thinks back, and the same thing was on Nick's door, too. She is now worried about what that is all about. Aiden and Kat are about to say goodnight, when she asks about what they might have in mind on the third date. They are both coy and flirty, and Kat makes a move to kiss Aiden. His fangs pop out, and he breaks off their embrace, and tries to bow out gracefully. Outside, he drinks a bag of blood in a dark ally, and then returns to Kat, ready for whatever the night might bring, starting with sucking face. Meanwhile, buck in the woods, a couple of vampires are attacking Pete in his camper as Josh walks up, ready to do some meditation with his werefriend. He enters the damper, and the vampires grab him, and Pete mentions his name, and suddenly they say he and his girlfriend are off limits, and shove him out the door, out cold.

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Back with Revolutionary Aiden, his wife is once again giving birth, his wife screaming and him praying for it to happen. His prayers are answered when he hears the screams of his son, and he is in tears. He goes in to see him, and his wife is holding the crying boy, and Aiden thanks the Lord. Aiden wakes up, and is once again in an ally, and he heads home. As he leaves, we see the body of a drained man laying beside the trash cans. The man looks professorial, doesn't he? Could he be... Well, I guess we will learn more next week. Can Josh, Nora and Aiden find the help that Sally needs? Will Josh remember what the vampires said, and realize Aiden told the vampires about the cure, putting all werewolves in jeopardy? Was that Kat's ex in the ally, Aiden's latest victim? There is only one way to know the answers, so don't forget to tune in at 9PM/8PM Central Monday night on SyFy! For more about the show, visit the official website here. You can purchase previous episodes from this season on both iTunes and Amazon. You can also follow them on Twitter, or like them on Facebook.

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