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Being Human • "If I Only Had A Raw Brain"

This is Being Human Season 3 Episode 11 of the SyFy Channel's version of the great series first produced on the BBC. Since the early episodes of the series, the SyFy version, set in Boston, Massachusetts, found a narrative of its own, allowing the ghost, the vampire, and the werewolf to step out of the shadowy constraints of the British original and find a life of their own. I love both series!

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Last week, we were left hanging as both Nick and Stevie left us, their zombiefied second lives cut short to stop them from eating more flesh. That left only Sally, whose hunger for flesh grows stronger and stronger. Sally was worried her time was coming, even if Josh was looking for a solution. Aiden was not doing much better, as he is having blackouts, waking up in odd alley's, unsure of who he might be drinking. And while he just started a relationship with Nora's best friend Kat, I am not sure she will love the fact that he drained her ex-boyfriend. Or that he told the vampires the cure to the virus killing them is drinking werewolf blood, even if they promised to stay away from Josh & Nora. They did go after Sally's new buddy Pete, and almost got Josh when he went to see him. But we also learned Aiden and his wife struggled in the 1700s, trying to have a baby. It took several heartbreaking attempts to have their son, just a few years before he went off to war. What will happen this week? I think we will have to watch and learn for ourselves.

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The episode opens with Josh and Aiden chatting in a hospital stairwell. Aiden wants names of vampires, but Josh can't remember them. He just wished he could have helped Pete. They exchange words, and while Josh understands he was trying to protect Nor and himself, he is still upset about Pete. Aiden goes to visit Kenny, who is packing his things, wanting to get out. A bone marrow transplant is scheduled, but he wants out, and asks Aiden to turn him. He doesn't want to go through the months of treatment, feeling sick, so either Aiden helps him out, or he'll call Blake. Faced with that choice, Aiden agrees, and first helps Kenny escape his bubble. Within a blink of an eye, they are in the park, and Kenny is rolling on the ground, playing with a dog. Kenny has one request, and that he has one day as a human teenager, before he spends eternity as a vampire.

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Back at the house, Sally is asking Nora and Josh to lock her up so everyone else is safe. She wanted to be at their wedding, but is afraid what she might do. When the couple go downstairs, they see Aiden coming in with Kenny, and looking quite sexy in those shades. He tries to tell them what is happening, and at first, Josh and Nora are not happy with the thought of Aiden turning the boy. Aiden explains that this is what Kenny wanted, and he will try to help the boy once he is vampiric. Surprisingly, Nora agrees. After Aiden and Kenny leave, she tells Josh she understands, Aiden is doing what he thinks he must for his friend. Josh is confused, then clarity comes to him. He, Sally and Nora head out, in search of Donna Gilcrest, the witch who changed Sally. Josh figures if they kill Donna before Sally dies, she won't be damned as she fears. But when they get to the soup kitchen, they find an empty lot. The building is gone. They don't know what they will do next. Back at the house, Nora and Josh are talking, and decide to move up the wedding, so Sally can be with them. They go to her room to tell her, but she is gone.

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After a commercial, Sally goes to the funeral home, and sees hunky Max, with an odd proposition. She'd like some bodies to munch on, so she doesn't go after those she loves. She explains she now has a hunger for raw meat - raw flesh, really. He is shocked, and she tells him she realizes how strange it is to ask the man she loves to get her human munchables. He handles it fairly well, all things considered, but feels he can't let her graze on the bodies there, it is just wrong. She understands, but isn't sure what will happen. Back at the house, Josh and Nora break the news to Aiden that they are getting married the next day. Kenny is excited, knocking several things off his human bucket list, including drinking a yucky beer. They Josh's lesbian sister, Emily, shows up, to take Josh out for a bachelor party. Of course, Kenny is on board to join them, and so Aiden will go with them. Back at the funeral home, Sally is helping Max with a body, and when he leaves the room, she can't resist taking a bit out of the dead woman on the table.

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At the strip club, Kenny is drooling over the dancers, with Emily deflating his fantasy by pointing out many of the dancers are lesbians. But he is sure they will want him soon, and Aiden interrupts, pulling him aside to tell him to quit with the vampire talk, and go get some orange juice. Josh and Aiden start a serious discussion, and Emily breaks it up, telling them they are getting creepy, and gets Josh a lap dance. As she drags Josh off to the special room, Aiden thinks he seems something, but he isn't sure what. Back at the house, Nora is trying to have a shower with her maid of honor, Sally. But she needs to keep locked up, so she passes her some wine spritzers, and they talk about things. Nora worries about her hair, and Sally tells her to go with a side pony. They smile, although both know what a crazy circumstance they are in. At the club, the raven-haired dancer is lap dancing away, with Josh being distracted. She starts to caress him, touching his hair. And them she goes all vampirish, and tries to bite him. Her fangs are bared, and Josh fights her off. Until Aiden comes in, and stakes her, saving Josh's life.

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As the curtain is open, they see Emily and Kenny looking in, and and Emily is freaked out, and runs out. Josh chases her out, and they talk. He admits he is a werewolf, and Nora is too. And Aiden is a vampire. She is thrown, she now thinks of Aiden as a murderer. She is confused, angry, and hurt, and leaves Josh. He is upset. Back at the house, Aiden is about to turn Kenny, as promised. He even prepared a care package, with bags of O Negative blood, and some werewolf blood as an immune booster. Kenny has second thoughts, after seeing Aiden stake that dancer, realizing that being a vampire might not guarantee eternity, and asks Aiden about his other 'children'. Aiden is honest, and tells him about Henry, who died of the virus. Aiden is forthright and compassionate, and Kenny finally is ready for the process to begin.

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Adien goes upstairs, and finds Josh drinking a beer. They start to chat, and talk about their perspective curses. They say they want to define their own lives, their own curses. They feel strong, their bond better than ever. Before he leaves for work, Sally asks to see Aiden. She wants him to kill her when her time has come, so she won't hurt anyone she loves. He has an idea, so he lifts his shirt, and says, Eat me" to Sally. She is taken aback, but then understands he wants her to snack on him, and she starts to gnaw on his taught, muscular abs. Frankly, I would have gone for a bit more, but then again... After the snack, she can go to see Alana, the psychic, as she is mostly healed. Alana once directed Josh and Nora to find Donna, and Sally wants guidance and help understanding. Alana is confused, a little scare, but kinda fascinated by Sally's story. She tells her she needs to realize what a strong being she is, and she must beat Donna at her own game, but being prepared to fight once the door comes. After all, she has survived an exorcism, a period in limbo, and so many other situations most could not handle. Sally goes to the funeral home to say goodbye to Max, for she must be moving on. they have a sweet and humorous goodbye, including a kiss. Back at the house, Aiden prepares to go to work, where he will find blood that will help him heal. After all, Sally nibbled on his abs, and we get to see them again. But something comes up to him, and they are fighting in the ally. They struggle, and Aiden finally stakes him. He asks why Aiden did this to him just before he turns to dust. Aiden remembers who it was. It was Kat's ex, Jeff.

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Josh and Nora are talking in the kitchen, and he is disappointed, for he wanted their wedding to be special, and this doesn't feel that way. She tells him all she needs his him to make is perfect. Aiden returns to the basement, checking in non Kenny. He is freaked out, having just realized he didn't remember turning Jeff. What has he cursed Kenny with? Was it worth it? What happens next. Back at Alana's house, the psychic hears a noise and goes to check it out. A man's sneaks up to ask her questions. It is Ray, and he asks her about Sally. He wants to know what she told her. She says nothing, really, but she thinks they need to leave Sally alone, they have taken so much from her already. Ray isn't impressed, and swiftly breaks her neck. He goes back to the witch, to report what is going on. Oh, my, what will be happening next?

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With only two more episode remaining in the current season, don't forget to tune in at 9PM/8PM Central Monday night on SyFy! For more about the show, visit the official website here. You can purchase previous episodes from this season on both iTunes and Amazon. You can also follow them on Twitter, or like them on Facebook.


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