Friday, March 22, 2013

Date Night • Thirteen or So Minutes...

Thirteen or so Minutes... photo 13Minuts002_zps250c72bc.jpg
Thirteen or so Minutes... photo 13Minuts004_zpsdcae29e9.jpg Thirteen or so Minutes... photo 13Minuts003_zps2e819204.jpg
Carlos Salas, left, and Nick Soper, right.

For date night tonight, I thought I would offer up this beautiful short film, 'Thirteen or So Minutes...', written and directed by William Branden Blinn. In less than fifteen minutes, the film tells the story of one young man who is very comfortable with himself, and one who is less so, and how their paths cross. I happen to think Lawrence, played by Nick Soper, is particularly yummy. This is one of several gay themed films from Blinn. I hope you enjoy 'Thirteen or So Minutes...'

Enjoy your weekend!

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