Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter at the Disco

Ted Neeley in Jesus Christ Superstar photo ted-neeley-001_zps3a869a13.jpg

Well, it is Good Friday in all of Christendom, so I thought I would help people celebrate the start of the holy weekend with a bit of dance music befitting the holiday. Yes, I know, there are some out there thinking the death and resurrection of the son of God is not disco material, but I am here to give you the opportunity to rethink that. And I will start with this first clever video of the post, where some clever individual took the song "Night On Disco Mountain" from the soundtrack of 'Saturday Night Fever' and laid it over c clip from 'Jesus Christ Superstar' and made a veritable Saturday Night Jesus, or Jesus Fever...

While I have long held the belief that whatever one's thought are on the matter of religion is really a personal matter, one that needn't be used to bully anyone, I have oft seen not all would agree. I was thrilled that it seemed like the boys from Depeche Mode more more to my thinking, as they gave us the amazing song, "Personal Jesus (Eric Prydz Remix)".

And how could this Good Friday pass without a selection from the Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber classic, 'Jesus Christ Superstar'? So here is a discofied version of the title cut, so everyone can get off their feet to, brought courtesy of the 'disco' group Thunder & Lightning. Here is "Jesus Christ Superstar".

And, finally, I couldn't imagine ending with any other song than "It's Jesus I Love (Max Sedgley Remix)", which is a sweet part of my collection of music from Sarah Jane Morris. It can be found on her album 'After All These Years', and also on her album 'Love and Pain'. And you know, I am a big Sarah Jane fan, since the days she sang with Jimmy Somerville in Communards.

Have a great Easter Weekend!



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