Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Mix-Up

Casey Stratton photo caseystratton_zps59a7b5fd.jpg B.Slade photo BSLADE_zps6f226937.jpg
Matt Alber photo MattAlberCov_zpsdccf6876.jpg Angelo photo angelo_zpsab7d2521.jpg
Clockwise: Casey Stratton; B.Slade; Angelo; and Matt Alber

It is Friday, the first official day of the weekend, so I thought I would post some fun remixes of great songs by artists I truly respect. A couple of these picks are surprising nuggets, while others are bound to get you shakin' your booty, which is never a bad thing. I picked these four songs and artists to show what a wonderful array of music is being made by gay men. All four songs are very different, and the same could be said about the artists. I will begin with one of those 'surprises', Casey Stratton. While it might be unexpected from people who are more used to Casey's more emotive/expressive music, I will admit I have a collection of remixes, which kinda inspired this post. I am absolutely crazy for Casey's "Opaline (Clandestine Mix)", which appears on his 'Altered States: Remixes Volume One' album.

You can find 'Altered States Remixes Volume One" in Casey's official Online Store. There are plenty of other great songs for you to enjoy. Next up, I decided to go with Los Angeles-based B.Slade with a great track from his 'Deep Purple' album. I find there is something so subtle and sweet about "2 GET 2 (Hookah Lounge Mix)", yet at the same time it has a sexy feel, too. The song can be found on the 2012 album, 'Deep Purple', which quickly became a favorite of mine.

You can purchase 'Deep Purple' on B.Slade's BandCamp page, iTunes, or Amazon. For the next song, I thought I would through in another artist you might not traditionally associate with Dance music. Singer/songwriter came to the attention of many when he released his first music video, "End of the World", in 2009. The song is beautiful and expansive, part Chamber music, and part Pop Icon. The song was featured on the album 'Hide Nothing', an enchanting collection. Last year, he released 'Constant Crows', a much more personal, intimate collection. But he also worked on a couple of song with Saul Ruiz, both updates of some great classic songs. One of those was the Fleetwood Mac song "Dreams", written by Stevie Nicks. Ruiz gave it a new feel with the mix, and used the strength of Alber's voice perfectly. Enjoy listening to Saul Ruiz featuring Matt Alber on "Dreams (Original Mix)".

You can purchase Saul Ruiz's "Dreams (Original Mix)" featuring Matt Alber on iTunes or Amazon. Last year, the handsome and talented Angelo released a great new album, 'Narcissus Drowned'. One of the songs featured on the album was released in 2011 as a single, with several remixes available. There is so much strength and power on Angelo's "Hands Down (Famuel Remix)", I found it irresistible. It gets me up and on my feet every time I hit play, smiling and moving in the Studio 54 in my head.

You can purchase Angelo's "Hands Down (Famuel Remix)" on iTunes or Amazon. You can also purchase 'Narcissus Drowned' on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby.


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