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Being Human • "Your Body is a Condemned Wonderland"

Being Human - Season 3 Episode 8 Recap - Your Body is a Condemned Wonderland

Being Human is the SyFy Channel's version of the great series first produced on the BBC. Since the early episodes of the series, the SyFy version, set in Boston, Massachusetts, found a narrative of its own, allowing the ghost, the vampire, and the werewolf to step out of the shadowy constraints of the British original and find a life of their own. I love both series!

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Left to right: Sam Huntington; Meaghan Rath; and Sam Witwer

When we last visited this Boston house, things were certainly exciting! Young werewolf Erin tried to poison Aiden with her blood, slipped into his private snack tray. She then went at his with a stake, and he kicked her off, sending her to the hospital. Nora held Aiden responsible, and swore revenge if the young girl didn't recover. During this time, Aiden also started flirting with Nora's best friend, Kat. Josh had a stern discussion with Liam McLean, whose innuendos Josh takes as threats, so he vows to protect his family. Aiden decided to protect Kenny from Blake, a vampire with big dreams and no plans. And Sally, after an evening with a High Wiccan Priestess with her BFF Bridget, pleads with Bridget to forget about any supernatural spirituality, and just try to be happy. Liam managed to sneak into Erin's hospital room and suffocate her, and slip out without being caught. And while brushing her hair, Sally discovers her hair is falling out.

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This evening begins with Josh catching Aiden slipping out to work. He tries to reconnect with the vampire, despite the fact that Josh's girlfriend, Nora, has threatened to stake Aiden following Erin's death. Josh believes Aiden, but they both know Nora does not feel the same. Josh thinks Liam was behind Erin's attack on Aiden, and Aiden asks if he thinks Liam knows he killed his son, Connor. Josh is sure Nora would never tell Liam, and things will go back to normal once Nora is complete grieving for Erin. Aiden thinks it best he steer clear of Nora, but Josh is not so sure. Aiden heads off to work a double shift, and Josh starts making sandwiches. He is helped by two ghosts, only he doesn't realize it. Nora comes down, and she sees the ghosts and it only reminds Nora that Aiden is a killer. Sally joins the conversation, and reminds Nora that the house was also the place she died the first time, so the house is washed in blood. Nora has to leave. Sally goes to the bathroom, to check out her hair, which is still coming out in clumps. The ghosts talk shit, and Sally sends them off, not happy. She doesn't understand what is going on. Sally visits with Max at work, sees him using funeral makeup an putty to help with the bodies. It gives her ideas, but she needs to figure some stuff out. Nora is walking up to a park, and meets Liam. He hands her a sprig of wolfsbane, said to soothe the heart of the wolf. Liam talks about Erin as if he wasn't the one to hold the pillow over her face until she was dead. Then he talks of his own guilt, not being there for his twins children when they needed him. Nora mentions they were adults, and Liam reacts, as he wants to believe Bryn is still alive.

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Nora walks into the cafeteria, and sees Aiden coming out. Nora is filled with anger still, but they agree try civility for Josh' sake. But she points out the ghosts are in the house, and she can see them, and how death follows him. He mentions Bryn, and she thinks Josh ratted her out. It was self-defense, she claims, not murder like Aiden. He almost starts to argue, but lets it go. At the school where she works, Aiden comes to see Kat to cancel the date out of respect and/or fear of Nora. But Kat refuses to accept the cancellation, and demands to go out anyway. Sally stops by to visit Nick to talk about her hair loss, and if he has experienced anything like that. He says he hasn't, and Sally decides to move on. After she is out of there, he lifts his shirt and we see some rot on his sexy abs. Nora and Josh look at a new house, even though they can't afford it. It his here that Josh chooses to propose. She tearfully accepts, very much in love. After her lecture, Kat finds Aiden outside her classroom door, and they walk back to her office, flirting all the way. They turn the corner and run into Liam McLean and a few of his thugs, wanting to chat with Aiden. Kat tries to but in and keep the men at a distance, but Aiden asks her to go on without him and he will see her later. Once she is safely out of the way, Liam and his thugs escort Aiden away.

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After the commercial break, she see Aiden trust-up in a torturous device, one Liam obviously knows how to use. Liam tells Aiden it was Blake, the angry young vampire who turned him in, and he wants to know what happened to Bryn. Liam enjoys the work way too much, as he continues to make Aiden scream. He wants his answers, but Aiden refuses to tell him it was Nora who killed Bryn. Sally is borrowing some of the cosmetics from the funeral home. Max catches her, fearing she is huffing embalming fluid. She comes clean, telling him she was a ghost that was reanimated, and is starting to decompose. At first Max thinks she is crazy, but soon she starts to believe her, and be very afraid. Cut to Nick at his apartment, taking sweetly to the stray cat he is feeding. He walks to the cat, and the next thing we know, he is eating on it. Kat calls Josh about Aiden, telling him she is worried about him. Did he have a gambling problem, for the thugs escorted him away. Josh asked who they were, and the only thing she remembered was that one was Connor's father. Josh understands, and gets off the phone. He calls Nora to see where Liam stayed, and starts packing weapons.

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Josh goes to the house, and takes out one of the thugs guarding it. Inside, Liam is beating and torturing Aiden, still wanting to know about Bryn. Aiden gives him nothing. Josh is making his way to them, but first Liam has another surprise for the vampire. He has a vile of infected blood, telling Aiden he would be there when the sores break open. Josh is perched on the stairs, thinking of what will be his next move. Just as Liam is about to inject Aiden, the vampire lies, telling the wolf he is the one who killed his daughter. Josh shoots, and the father stabs Aiden with the needle, and then he falls. Josh struggles to unchain Aiden, and the wolf starts to turn. Aiden tells Josh to run, but his friend doesn't listen. he gets the vampire free, and pushes him up the steps. The wolf leaps to the top of the steps trapping Josh, who pummels the wolf, who in turns scratches Josh. He shoots the wolf, who falls down the steps. Aiden reaches in and pulls his friend to safety, and they lock the wolf in the basement.

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Sally and Max talk Leppers as they walk into the hosue, something that truly bothers Sally. Max is at a loss for words, but tells her he is there to help her, and has his complete kit there to make Sally look like new. This is a charming moment, even with the look at some rotting flesh. Back at Nick's house, he is cleaning up the blood left from his eating cats. It kinda bothers him, but it clears up his problem on his abs, which he flashes again. Can he flash them more, please? Josh pulls up to the house, and asks Aiden why he lied, and Aiden admit he did it for Josh, and to make up for Erin, and the girls. He has so many amends to make, so many lives to atone for. As they go in the house, they find Max and Sally, and tell her to get rid of Max. Max wants to know what went on, but Sally can't tell him. She loves him, but these are not her secrets to tell. Max leaves, hurt. Aiden and Josh go to the kitchen, to tend to their wounds.

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Sally joins the boys in the kitchen, where Aiden is trying to treat the big scratches on Josh's arm. She wants to know what happened, and Josh tells her he was scratched by the werewolf, and on the next full moon, he will once again transform. As Aiden dabs the scratch with ointment, they notice a darkening of the skin on his hand. Sally asks about it. Josh can't believe the virus took hold so quickly, but tells Sally it was the virus that has decimated the vampires. Sally tries to reassure her friends, and tells them there has yet to be anything that has been able to defeat the trio. After the boys go to sleep, Sally's appetite continues to grow stronger. Staring into the fridge, she doesn't know what is left to eat. She grabs a package of ground hamburger, and before you know it, she is shoving it raw into her mouth, eating it in the glow of the refrigerator light.

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Wow, so much happened tonight! Will Nora still blame Aiden for Erin's death, or will she start to doubt Liam? Can Josh find something that might cure Aiden's virus? Is Sally and Nick becoming zombies, needing raw flesh to survive? Will Liam now come after Aiden and Josh? Don't forget to tune in at 9PM/8PM Central Monday night on SyFy! For more about the show, visit the official website here. You can purchase previous episodes from the second season on both iTunes and Amazon. You can also follow them on Twitter, or like them on Facebook.


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