Friday, May 3, 2013

Date Night • The Language of Love

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Tonight I bring you a beautiful short film written and starring Kim Ho, 'The Language of Love'. I first discovered this jewel via my friend J.D. Doyle, founder and curator of Queer Music Heritage. There is something so sweet, so honest, and so familiar to the story, I can't stop watching it. It details the rough terrain of young love, and how trying to navigate it while figuring out you are gay in a straight world doesn't make it easier. But somehow, in the end, we must all learn how to speak the language that is honest and true to ourselves. Enjoy 'The Language of Love'.

For more about this Australian film, check out the 'Making of...' video below. It includes an interview with the writer/actor, Kim Ho. He gives some background information that is fascination.

You can also learn more about the process that helped to make it here. There is some wonderful information about the history of the film.

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