Friday, May 24, 2013

Eric Alán • L.O.V. & E.

Eric Alan - L.O.V. & E. photo EricAlanLOVE007_zpsec1b0a58.jpg
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Kicking off the weekend with a little frisky fun! After all, don't we all need a little "L.O.V. & E." now and again? I know I do, and apparently, Eric Alán understands all about it. You see, Eric grew up in Southern California, in a home that seemed to have little patience for a little boy who knew he was special. His life continues to be eventful, as he tries to make music as well as a living, for he works 3 weeks a month on deep sea oil rigs, to help pay for the studio time when he is home. He also writes his own music, and his latest release is "L.O.V. & E.". The video includes cameo performances by Latin pinup model Gio Dell along with the late Arpad Miklos. I would like to add that if you are at work, the video can get a bit deliciously spicy. Yum!!

At this point, Eric is an out and proud gay man, and in many ways celebrates his own acceptance with an ease and freedom of his dashing good looks and sexy Latino moves. You can see more of that amazing freedom in his single from a while back, "Pornstar". The camera does love Eric, as you can see in this music video.

You can purchase "L.O.V. & E." on iTunes and Amazon. Also, "Pornstar" is available as a single on both iTunes and Amazon. To learn more about Eric Alán, check him out on Facebook or 'follow ' him on Twitter.

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