Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Live Music • Matt Alber & Tom Goss

Matt Alber photo MattAlberReleasePNumber70092_zps238048ec.jpg Tom Goss photo TomGoss13_zpsfe5277ce.jpg
Matt Alber, left, and Tom Goss, right.

I am very excited, for tonight, barring any hangups is traffic, I shall be listening to the amazing music of Matt Alber and Tom Goss, and that just sounds perfect to me. I have been a fan of both for some time, and their music has spoken to me on so many levels. And while their music might be not share the same style, both certainly have a wonderful emotional base, as well as a melodic purity that I find really appealing. And it never hurts that I have met both, and find them to be such nice men as well. To show you what a time I will be having, I thought I would feature some of their music in this post. And I will begin with a song from Matt, who recently released a DVD that is both beautifully shot and so sweet to listen to. Alber joined forces with The Cello Street Quartet, and made this live recording that is so lush, yet so simple at the same time, I never tire of playing it. So I picked "Tightrope", but I could have easily chosen any of the songs, and been just as happy to share it.

Tom recently made a video of a new song, a bit of a departure for him. Tom has a catalog of songs that is so deep, he rarely sings a cover song. In fact, I have been to shows when I have loved every song,but later realized there was a favorite of mine I missed. So I was a bit surprised when he released the video for "Can't Hold Us", an acoustic cover of the song by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. But he did it his way, playing all the music himself, making textured music by adding layers recorded live and making it all grow together. Not sure yet? Well, check out Tom's version of "Can't Hold Us" for yourself.

When I first saw the video for Matt's "End of the World", I was aware of him as a singer, but this really brought home just how stunning his gift was. I mean, that gorgeous voice, with that interpretation that just touched the very core of my heart, it blew me away then, and still does today. What is even more mind blowing is when I heard it live, and I can honestly tell you I still got goosebumps. So with no more delay, here is Matt singing "End of the World".

And finally, I have one more song, this one from dear Tom. I couldn't decide which to choose, so I finally went with the music video I appeared in, along with my sister and niece. We made the trip to Washington, DC, to do something we haven't before, and to participate in a video for a singer/songwriter we all love. We had a great day, and are now thrilled to be in a video we love to watch. The song is "It's All Over", off Tom's album 'Turn It Around'.

For more about Tom Goss, including his tour schedule, visit his official website. For more about Matt, and to check out his upcoming tour dates, visit his official website. To purchase the most recent release from Tom Goss, 'Lost Songs and Underdogs', you can find it on iTunes and Amazon. To purchase 'Constant Crows', the latest release by Matt Alber, you can find it on iTunes, Amazon or Matt's online store.

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