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SyFy's Being Human • "(Dead) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"

Being Human Cast photo BeingHumanS3CAST_zpsaf4b88a1.jpg
Left to right: Sam Huntington as Josh; Kristen Hager as Nora; Sam Witwer as Aidan; and Meaghan Rath as Sally.

Being Human is the SyFy Channel's version of the great series first produced on the BBC. Since the early episodes of the series, the SyFy version, set in Boston, Massachusetts, found a narrative of its own, allowing the ghost, the vampire, and the werewolf to step out of the shadowy constraints of the British original and find a life of their own. I love both series!

When last we saw our supernatural trio, Josh was no longer a werewolf, but still delving in the occult. He and his girlfriend, Nora, were working with a priestess, who was bringing former roommate and ghost Sally back to life. A barely coherent (and alive) Sally communicates to Josh that she might have brought a couple of ghostly buddies along with her, giving him more to think about. By the way, while Josh might be human, he is still dating Nora, who is still a werewolf. And vampire roomy Aidan, who spent the last 18 months entombed in a grave, was having hallucinations and flashbacks, was lying next to a crashed van, hoping to survive. He had recently learned much of the vampire population was destroyed by a blood-borne disease. To find out what is next for the group, we'll have to watch the second episode of season 3, '(Dead) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun'!

This episode opens with an angry father taking on the undead Amish, staking them once he sees the mounted head of a werewolf on the wall. That is quite a different Amish community than I grew up around in Delaware, to be sure. He threatens vengeance and what not, against whomever slaughtered his son. But we quickly cut to the home of the supernatural trio, only to learn two of the trio are just human. Sally is back among the living, along with her two ghostly buddies in limbo. As the two friends are shipped off, vowing never to see anyone who knew them when alive. The phone rings, and they rush to pick up Aidan, who was barely 'alive', at least in a vampiric way, yet fully bearded. They mention to Aidan that Sally is now human, and that Josh doesn't smell like a dog, but Nora does. You know, just your average reunion chat. Later, Aidan shows up clean shaven, learning that Sally is planning a party, to celebrate life once again. She borrows some club clothes from Nora, who will be transforming in a storage unit instead.

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Before Nora goes the the unit, she mentions she is aware he stands guard when she turns, and she'd like it to end. He needs to stop living like a werewolf, and hit the town with Sally. He agrees. Aidan goes to find clean blood, fearful of infection. He hears of a guy, and must find him. Sally and Josh are out at a bar, discussing the fact they are both human. And that Josh wants to marry a werewolf...

In a darkened alley, Aidan tries to buy some clean blood, only to be trapped by vampire bashers. He tries to run, but they catch up with him. They punch and kick, apparently living with anger management issues that need to be looked at. I mean, what does punching a vampire really accomplish? But just before they stake him, who should show up but handsome Henry, Aidan's son. He kills the attackers and brings 'Dad' home to meet the new girlfriend.

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Sally is recognized, and after a momentary panic, she comes up with an odd story of faked death, FBI-level relocation and the like. The idiot buys her story, and she is intrigued by tales of her funeral. And pomegranate martinis. Even as Josh tries to take her away. Back with Henry and Aidan, we learn silly vampire was fooled by the untainted blood scam. Henry has stayed healthy by snacking on his girlfriend, and just for tonight, Aidan can have an appetizer. Meanwhile, Nora is about to turn, when the angry father stops in to see her. Seems he is the father of the twins, a werewolf himself. He wants to find Brynn, which is making Nora nervous. Then he insists they change together, which scares her very much. Back in the bar, Sally informs Josh she will be taking home this boy, to have sex. This freaks Josh out, especially when she asks about condoms. Aidan is about to snack, when he gets that uncomfortable feeling that his lunch might be a blood slave, held captive by Henry to keep her blood clean. She starts to panic, and Henry comes in to convince her to calm down, and listen to what he says. Aidan seems less than impressed. But still hungry.

Being Human S3 E02 photo BeingHumanS3E2Aidan001_zps854c71ee.jpg

Aidan is upset, and takes off, without snacking. He is weak, it has been 18 months since he last ate. He is 'jonesing' for some blood, people. On the porch of the house, Sally is making out with her brother's friend, who turns down sex but would like a date the next night. Josh is killing time walking the streets, when he feels the relief of not being a werewolf. On the couch, Sally is telling Aidan about her night, and her liking life on the edge. they flirt coyly, and not in a good way. She mocks his deadly parlor, calling it heroin chic. Both seem bent on causing Josh pain, thinking only of themselves and their own thrill ride. The next morning, Sally is chatting with Josh, trying to convince him not to propose to Nora while letting her out of the storage unit, when they hear sirens. They go outside, and see Sally's date is being collected by the coroner. Did he die because he saw her? Is that part of her reanimated curse?

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After a commercial break, Aidan happens upon Henry, having just set his blood source free. He talks to Henry about surviving this blood-borne epidemic, getting free of the blood addiction. Henry isn't buying his bull, and storms off. Josh goes to pick up Nora, only to find the door broken and smeared with blood. He calls out, but she doesn't howl back. What has that man done to Nora? How will Josh find her? Guess we'll have to tune in next Monday at 9PM on the SyFy Channel, to see "The Teens, They Are A-Changin'" on 'Being Human'. For a preview, check this out!

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