Thursday, January 3, 2013

Garrin Benfield

Garrin Benfield

It has been a while since I featured the music of Garrin Benfield, and now seemed like the perfect time to look back over the past decade, and choose a couple of the beautiful songs he wrote to make this night that much prettier. I will begin with a stunning song off the 2002 album I still play from time to time, 'Nowhere Is Brighter'. I will admit to not knowing of Garrin when this album was released, once I did hear his amazing artistry, I went out and purchased this one. Among the amazing songs on it is "Hungry Ghost", a song I still find captivating.

The first album I purchased by Garrin was 'Where Joy Kills Sorrow', his 2004 release that was a slightly dark, moody album I immediately loved. I had no idea who this handsome San Fransisco-based guitarist was, but I knew I found music that I could love for the rest of my life. And one of the great songs that found my heart was the title cut, "Where Joy Kills Sorrow".

And, finally, I will end with a song off his latest release, 'The Wave Organ Song'. I was thrilled to attend the CD Release Party in Manhattan in 2011, and heard much of the music live. I was also lucky enough to have my video camera and still camera with me, catching the picture at the top of the post, as well as a clip of the performance of "Believe Me", a stunning song. The song manages to capture the strength and beauty of real emotion, all with a soft voice, with nary a power-note in site.

To learn more about Garrin Benfield, visit his official website. While there, you might want to check in to his tour schedule, for he is also a live performer not to be missed. You can also find him on Facebook. His music can be purchase where great music is sold, like iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby. You'll find five albums, all a big part of my music library, and will ready to be a part of your collection.



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