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Being Human • "The Teens They Are A-Changin'"

Being Human is the SyFy Channel's version of the great series first produced on the BBC. Since the early episodes of the series, the SyFy version, set in Boston, Massachusetts, found a narrative of its own, allowing the ghost, the vampire, and the werewolf to step out of the shadowy constraints of the British original and find a life of their own. I love both series!

The last we saw our intrepid trio, Aidan was fighting with not only his bloodlust, as well as his relationship with his 'son', Henry. He is also trying to figure out his world, with the vampire world and leadership decimated by disease. Josh, who is no longer a werewolf, was looking for his wolf-friend Nora, last seen changing with the father of the twins she ran with last season. And Sally was back to life, but it might have cost one former friend who ran into her, so will there be more?

Being Human Cast photo BeingHumanS3CAST_zpsaf4b88a1.jpg
Left to right: Sam Huntington as Josh; Kristen Hager as Nora; Sam Witwer as Aidan; and Meaghan Rath as Sally.

The show opens with Nora on a park bench with Mr. McLean, who wants help to find his daughter Brynn, the surviving twin. He wants some answers about what went on, and Nora is at a loss with what to tell him. Aidan goes shopping for lunch, and brings a guy back for himself and Henry, only to have the guy sneeze on Henry, causing panic. They argue once again, with Henry's need for blood getting the best of him. Hey, I'd offer myself to these to hot men, just sayin'... They come to an understanding, and leave together.

Aidan & Henry photo TheTeens_being-human-aidanandHenry_zps7d05278a.jpg
Aidan & Henry

Nora comes home, and tells Josh about Mr. McLean. Sally is eating on the sofa, complaining about her insatiable hunger. She ate two chickens last night, and it neither adds weight nor ends the hunger. Which sounds like a dream come true to me! She talks about her fascination with her dead friend, Trent, then leaves as Aidan comes in, asking Josh to direct patients who are sick to him, causing Josh consternation. He tells Aidan no, but we see him at the desk, setting a file aside. Meanwhile Sally goes to the funeral home, and chats with Trent (the Ghost), only to be tossed out so the body can be readied for the viewing. Trent figures out Sally's resurrection prematurely killed him, and is interested in coming back himself. Back at the hospital, Josh talks to a young girl who complains, among other things, about being scratched by a big dag, or maybe a wolf. He sees the scratch, and recognizes the scar. He brings Nora with him to see the girl, but Nora wants to wiat a day before telling her she is now a werewolf.

Josh & Nora photo TheTeens_Being_Human_JoshandNora_zpsd01ba4b9.jpg
Josh & Nora

Aidan vein-blocks Henry, who was about to take a victim. Again, here's my neck, guys... Aidan tries to talk Henry down, but the hunger in him builds. Back at the hospital, Nora and Josh walk into see the young girl, who is hours away from turning in the next full moon. Nora wants to take her home, and be with her for her first transition. Josh is weary, but goes with it. They have yet to tell the girl... Sally returns to the funeral home to see Trent, and they talk about the door he needs to pass through. He knows he needs to sort a few things, like when he was making out with Sally rather than being at home with his fiancee.

Sally & Friends photo TheTeens_Sallyandfriends_zps931db363.jpg
Sally & Friends

Henry goes in to talk to Josh, to make him feel guilty for not offering a blood-slave up for Henry and Aidan to drink from. While Josh talks a big game, he falls for it, and meets Aidan outside the hospital. While Aidan tries to apologize, Josh gives him the name of a cable installer who has clean blood. And he asks the vampire not to make him feel sorry he gave the address of a blood source to him. Right, Josh. Back at the house, Josh and Nora are trying to talk to the young werewolf, who isn't buying their weird tales. That is, until Josh shows a video of him turning, which catches her attention. Of course, I think it was the naked shots of Sammy Huntington that left her speechless, but that could be what would make me stop short. She figures out that the whole werewolf thing might be real, and she is freaked. Out on some random street, Aidan is searching for the cable guy, and suddenly Henry attacks a guy, ready to chow down. Aidan stops him and sets the guy free, but notices discoloration on Henry's neck. Sally shows up at Trent's funeral, and talks to his girlfriend. Sally tells her he was unfaithful, and she was relieved, for she was cheating over the last year. Trent wasn't aware, and is quite hurt. Aidan and Henry are talking, for it is obvious Henry is about to succumb to the virus. Henry is resigned to dying, but Aidan remains upbeat. He thinks they can beat the virus, but Henry points out all the vampires around him die, and he knows it is now his turn. Then a really cool commercial came on.

Back to the story, Henry is coughing away, and his face is discoloring, graying. Aidan tries to help him, but Henry wants to move on, to live rather than to wait for death. He wants to go out as he lived, a feeding vampire to the end. At the funeral home, Trent is not happy, and tells Sally to stay away from him as he ghosts away. The funeral director, Max, tells Sally how he appreciates how she helped the girlfriend feel better, he appreciates what she did. Then he sees her out. Nora and Josh are helping the girl turn for the first time, with a raw roast to mark the territory, and a blanket and toothpaste. Nora is with her, but the girl changes first, and scares Nora. She attacks Josh's car, and he pulls out his gun. After a commercial break, we are back at the car, and once again, Nora protects Josh, going all Alphadog on the youngster, making her obey. Back on the street, Aidan sits with his son, who tells him Aidan needs to accept he is a vampire, and will not be human ever again. And he walks away, leaving Aidan deep in thought. Back at the funeral home, Trent is sitting while Max loads the flowers. His door appears, and he walks through it. Only instead of moving on, he enters the soup kitchen of the witch. She shreds him with a butcher knife, obliterating the ghost. Then she starts eating the shredded remains, which is kinda gross. Bring back the hot vampires. Oh, right, one is dying of a blood-borne plague of Aidan's kind. Yeah, it sounds familiar. Wanna know what is coming next week? Check out the preview!

Be sure to watch 'Being Human' on Monday nights at 9PM on the SyFy Channel. To learn more about Being Human, check out the official website. You can also follow them on Twitter, or like them on Facebook.

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