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Being Human • Season 3 Episode 1 • 'It's A Shame About Ray'

Being Human is the SyFy Channel's version of the great series first produced on the BBC. Since the early episodes of the series, the SyFy version, set in Boston, Massachusetts, found a narrative of its own, allowing the ghost, the vampire, and the werewolf to step out of the shadowy constraints of the British original and find a life of their own. I love both series!

At the end of the second season, we were left truly not knowing what was happening with our main characters. Werewolf Josh was in the forest with his wolfen girlfriend Nora, on the verge of killing Ray, the wolf who 'created' Josh. Sally was a disembodied voice on the radio after she self-shredded. And Aidan was six foot under, having been caught trying to kill Vampire leader Mother, and watching his beloved Suran be staked and turned to dust. Have any of our supernatural heroes survived?

Being Human S03E01
Left to right: Meaghan Rath; Sam Witwer; and Sam Huntington.

The show begins with all three in the kitchen, 15 months after all the excitement. Sally and Aidan are mocking Josh, the Jew attempting to deal with the pre-cooking rituals of cooking a crustacean. The conversation quickly turns to the topic of death, and Aidan's refusal to see the inevitability of death, odd even for a vampire. But that is when se see a struggling yet sexy vampire in a coffin, obviously hallucinating the kitchen sink drama, trying to keep himself 'alive'.

Being Human - Season 3

Next we see Nora visiting one psychic after another, searching to find a loved one. She calls out to Josh, asking him to join her with the latest psychic. She sees that night in the woods, when Nora wants Josh to kill Ray, thus ending the curse for both Josh and herself. Josh ends the curse with a rock. The Psychic ends it with laughter and sunshine. Josh leaves. They leave, but we know they are looking for their friendly ghost and vampire.

But we find out Sally is running with her friendly shredded ghosts, looking for a way back. They run to doors, hoping to find a way out of the limbo they are in.

Being Human-SyFy-Season 3

At the hospital, Josh sees a victim with neck wounds and piercing black eyes, and takes him aside to ask questions. Does he know Aidan? Can he help Josh find him? He talks to Josh, but shuts down around Nora. Since killing Ray, Josh is all about being human, having spent his first full moon in a while since his curse began. When he ran to tell Nora, he discovered she was not cured.

Josh and Nora are still trying to find Sally and Aidan. They run into the psychic who tried to exorcize her from the house, only to stop short. She gives them a name to help on their search. While they do, Sally continues to help her friendly ghosts, her tenuous grasp on sanity stretched thin.

Speaking of a tenuous grasp, Aidan is clearly on the verge when he was dug up by an enterprising guy, looking to see his blood. You see, there was an outbreak of disease, and most vampires are dead. It is hoped Aidan's blood can cure the ills. But while he is held captive, precautions must be taken.

Being Human S03E01

Josh and Nora meet with the psychic they believe in, but are sent on a task. They need to bring her a human heart, one they stopped beating. So off they go, to dig up Ray. Meanwhile, Aidan, looking all sexy in his beard, is struggling with consciousness. His captor is draining his blood, planning to sell it.

Being Human S03E01

Returning with the heart, Josh and Nora finally learn the truth. They are not just finding Sally, they are bringing her back from the dead. Aidan is rescued from captivity by Atlee, one of the elders. who is disease-ridden himself. As he drives Aidan away from the city, he tells him how all the elders are dead, killed by the sickness. Aidan imagines he has a conversation with Josh, Sally, and Bishop. After a scuffle brought on by Bishop's advice, Atlee takes a bite out of Aidan,

Being Human S03E01

Back with Nora and Josh, the ceremony begins to bring Sally back, the incantation starts. As ghostly Sally runs around with her friends, she sees a door open. Josh struggles with it all, as if this dark ceremony is odd to a werewolf that lived with a vampire and ghost. On the other side, Sally sees the door, and demands her friends go through it with her. It is then that the swaddled body takes a breath.

On the road, Atlee dies while driving, realizing Aidan's blood did not cure the disease. The van crashes into a telephone pole. Sally finally wakes, and tells Nora and Josh that Nick and Stevie came with her. But where are they now? The Priestess is elsewhere, and discovers Ray's body. Back on the road, Aidan struggles with existence, wanting to hold on despite his body failing...

Want to know what is coming next? I would too! Check out this trailer for 'Being Human'!

Look for Being Human on Monday nights on the SyFy Channel.

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