Friday, January 25, 2013

Madonna • The Virgin Tour • 1985

Madonna Like A Virgin photo madonna-like-a-virgin_zpscdbe6742.jpg

Back when it was all just starting out, a new artist released a DVD from her first tour/ 'The Virgin Tour' was recorded and released in 1985, featuring a very young Madonna and much of the music off her second album, 'Like A Virgin'. When I found this on YouTube, I knew I had to share it, and it seemed like a perfect was to start the weekend.

Madonna - The Virgin Tour photo MadonnaVirginTourCOVER_zpsa8189e6f.jpg

The songs included are 1. "Dress You Up"; 2. "Holiday"; 3. "Into the Groove"; 4. "Everybody"; 5. "Gambler"; 6. "Lucky Star"; 7. "Crazy for You"; 8. "Over and Over"; 9. "Like a Virgin"; and 10. "Material Girl". I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

You can purchase her iconic album 'Like A Virgin' from iTunes and Amazon.



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