Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sir Ari Gold • Pledge His F**Kn Record

Ari Gold

Sir Ari Gold is ready to take on his next project, and is asking if you would like to take this journey with him. He has a couple of things in mind, and one of those is a music video for his next single, "Play My F**Kn Record". Of course, Sir Ari is not one to play 'small', so he is looking to make a 3D video! He is also looking to produce a Remix album, with remixes from 'Between the Spirit & the Flesh' as well as some new tracks written by Ari and collaborator Brandon "Apollo" Pope. And that is not all! He is also working on a documentary, looking back on the first decade of his life as a gay superstar, allowing us all to see what went on both in front of and behind to scenes of Sir Ari's wild ride. When I think of Sir Ari's career, I remember the first time I heard/saw him, with the video for "Wave Of You", off his self-titled 2001 debut.

Yes, I saw that video, and have been a loyal fan since. Gold has continued to make music that has maintained my interest, as well as a bit of my lust. He has managed to combine a personal to his music with a raw energy that is so very sexy. That could truly be seen in the latest video, for the song "My Favorite Religion".

You see, those are just two of the many highlights of the last 10 years in the career of Sir Ari Gold, and I bet, like me, you are left wanting more. If that is the case, you can be a part of it all by joining in with his Indie-Go-Go project. Need a little more temptation? Check out the teaser to the project, with Sir Ari baring his all for you.



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