Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Young Professionals • Be With You Tonight

The Young Professionals
Photobucket The Young Professionals - Johnny Goldstien

I was very excited to hear The Young Professionals - TYP - have a new song and video out from the strong album, '9AM to 5PM, 5PM to Whenever'. TYP is an Israeli band featuring Yonathan Goldshtein, as well as my future husband, Ivri Lider. So I went to check it out, and I was intrigued to discover I didn't know the song, and it wasn't on my copy of '9AM to 5PM, 5PM to Whenever'. With additional information, I learned I was referencing the 2011 release in my collection, not the 2012 re-release I seemed to not know about, with three new tracks replacing some originals. One of those tracks is "Be With You Tonight", the song featured in this video.

To find out more about The Young Professionals, visit the official website. You can purchase the latest release of '9AM to 5PM, 5PM to Whenever', you can find it at on iTunes and Amazon. If you have the 2011 release, you can find the additional songs on an EP for purchase on iTunes and Amazon. The EP includes a video of the performance by the band at the opening of the Modern Art Museum of Tel Aviv. There are some incredible graphics utilized in the performance. There is also a cover of the Lana Del Rey song, "Video Games", that I just love. Check it out if you haven't already. It is worth purchasing...

The Young Professionals
The Young Professionals


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