Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Aiden James • "Hurry Hurry" Music Video

Aiden James - Hurry Hurry
Aiden James - Hurry Hurry

Songster Aiden James has released a music video for the latest single off 'Trouble With This'. "Hurry Hurry" combines James' Folk roots with his Pop sensibilities to deliver this charming performance. Aiden 'narrates' this video, imploring a handsome young man to hurry through the busy streets and subways of New York City. "Hurry Hurry" is definitely part of the soundtrack to Aiden's day, playing on his iPod as he sings along. Check out the ElectroPop sound on the video.

"Hurry Hurry" can be found on Aiden's 2012 release, 'Trouble With This'. That album can be found on iTunes and Amazon. You can also find the song on the 'Hurry Hurry Radboy Remix EP' on iTunes and Amazon. For more about Aiden James, visit his official website, or find him on Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr.
Aiden James - Hurry Hurry

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