Sunday, January 6, 2013

January 2013 Playlist • Various Artists

Cheyenne Jackson - Don't Wanna Know Kris Searle - Cry To Dream Again
We The Ghost - Let Me Know David Geftakys - And You
Clockwise: Cheyenne Jackson; Kris Searle; David Geftakys; and We The Ghost.

To be honest, I have been under the weather lately, now suffering from a common cold, which is making it tough to focus and write. I have a couple of new albums I need to get out for everyone to hear and love, but I just haven't gotten it together. In lieu of posting nothing, I quickly put together this post, which includes the first four songs on my January 2013 playlist that I have already listened to several times. So I will start with the latest single from the sexy and talented Cheyenne Jackson, "Don't Wanna Know". I think it is a great video, and a sensational song. I fell in love with it the moment I heard it.

You can purchase "Don't Wanna Know" from iTunes and Amazon.

Next up is another favorite of mine. Just before Christmas, or Krismas, as Searle tagged it, Kris Searle made two new singles for FREE! The best part is, they are both great songs, but only one made it on my January playlist. "Cry To Dream" features an amazing collaboration with Laura Evans, one that touches deep down in my heart. This particular version is dubbed the 'Minimal London Mix', but I am betting this song would sound amazing no matter the mix.

You can acquire "Cry to Dream" from FREE by joining Kris' email list. Check it out on Noisetrader.

I have made no mystery how much I love the music of We The Ghost. The Tulsa-based band recently released a new EP, 'White Noise', which is not a good description of what you find when you listen. The sound is tight and bold, with five amazing songs. I picked "Let Me Know" to add to the playlist, and I am thrilled every time it comes on.

You can purchase "Let Me Know" from iTunes and Amazon.

And, last but not least, I have a new song off the 'Games We Play' album from talented musician David Geftakys. And while the title cut was my first introduction to David's music, I picked "And You", the first cut on the album, to be a part of my playlist. I think there is such inherent charm on the track, it is irresistible.

You can purchase "And You" from iTunes and Amazon.

I hope you have a great week, and I will be able to bring you some great new music very soon. With music from Fontaine James and Ezra Axelrod waiting fro a clearer mind, I am excited because I really love it.

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