Thursday, January 24, 2013

Stewart Lewis • Live In Wilmington

Stewart Lewis in Wilmingon, Delaware photo T6_StewartLewis003_zps81578108.jpg Stewart Lewis in Wilmingon, Delaware photo T6_StewartLewis004_zpseef3cbe8.jpg
Stewart Lewis in Wilmingon, Delaware photo T6_StewartLewis001_zps67b53f1e.jpg

I was lucky enough to be in the audience on November 17, 2012, where six singer/songwriters performed sing songs each as part of 'The Six' at the Chris White Art Gallery in Wilmington, Delaware. The acts were introduced by Gayle Dillman and Jeremy Hebbel of Gable Music, who put together the event. The reason I was there, along with my sister Kathy, was an invite from the magnificent Stewart Lewis, a favorite of mine since I was lucky enough to catch a show with him, Tom Goss and Jake Walden. Yes, the talent and handsome numbers were off the chart that night! Interestingly enough, a couple of years later, and Stewart hasn't lost any edge, still looking quite handsome, and just a gifted live performer. I was happy to have my camera and videocam with me, and you can see the pictures in this post. The videos will let you see the performer, his beautiful and layered performance of "Shine", a song off the album 'In Formation'.

Stewart's most recent release is a gorgeous collection of folk songs, 'Stumbling For Truth'. One of the very beautiful songs found on it is "Four Lanes To Pittsburgh", and I was so excited when he starting playing it. And another thing I love about live performances is when you learn a little bit about the song, like you will in this clip.

Another thing I love is when you are able to catch the artist singing a song that you can find on any of their recordings. That is the case when Stewart played "Where You Been", a song written by Reed Foehl, Stewart's brother. It is a lovely song, and it is so unusual for Stewart to be playing a full song he had not written. Enjoy "Where You Been".

Now, I mentioned 'full songs' above, because I have seen Stewart performing a version of his "Fifteen Song Medley" in previous shows. It is an ingenious medley of songs from your radio to Stewart's show. There are so many of the songs you will immediately recognize, and a couple that might sneak up on you. I just love this.

For more about Stewart Lewis, you can visit his official website. You can also find him on Facebook. You can purchase 'Stumbling For Truth' from iTunes, CD Baby, and Amazon. You can purchase 'In Formation' from iTunes or buy the physical CD from Amazon or CD Baby. Go to his website and check his tour schedule, and if he is playing near you, I say get your butt to see him!

Stewart Lewis in Wilmingon, Delaware photo T6_StewartLewis002_zpsdb668e03.jpg Stewart Lewis in Wilmingon, Delaware photo T6_StewartLewis006_zps518051da.jpg
Stewart Lewis in Wilmingon, Delaware photo T6_StewartLewis005_zpsb84f0042.jpg

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