Wednesday, November 7, 2012

RightOutTV Awards 2012 • Matt Fishel

2012 RightOutTV Award, Matt Fishel

Last night I kicked off the series to highlight the wonderfully talented people who won the 2012 RightOutTV Music & Video Awards with two-time winner Matt Zarley. I mentioned there was one other, and am pleased to bring you tonight's featured performer, Matt Fishel. I am proud to say I have been a fan of Matt's wonderful music since I first discovered it online in 2009. I quickly learned the Brit has the ability to create little Pop masterpieces. Like many others, I was introduced to his work by an amazing video. And it just so happens that video was named Best Video So Far. I can't imagine a video that could have me under a spell more that Matt's "Football Song." The song is brilliantly written, and the video just perfectly acted and produced. I hope you can love it as much as I do.

Matt also had a different song in the hotly contested Song of the Year category. Matt released two singles this year, and I thought both were worthy of consideration. I must not have been alone, for not only did "Behind Closed Doors" make it to the finals, it was also named winner. The song is beautifully built  Pop, along with a cleverly disguised message easily gobbled up in the delightful confection. So please enjoy the 2012 Song of the Year, "Behind Closed Doors" by the adorable Matt Fishel.

To learn more about Matt Fishel, visit him on Facebook and Twitter. Along with many others, I hope Matt is putting together a new album soon. In the meanwhile, You can find both winning songs on iTunes. "Football Song"  available on iTunes and Amazon. You  can find "Behind Closed Doors" on iTunes and Amazon as well. And to check out the great assortment of LGBTI music, visit RightOutTV on the official website. You can also visit them on Facebook and on Twitter


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