Monday, November 19, 2012

Gypsy Rose Lee • Psychology of a Stripteaser

Gypsy Rose Lee

Some might not know that the musical 'Gypsy' was based on the real life story of the family of Burlesque queen Gypsy Rose Lee. In real life, the 'stripper' made a huge career for herself by never stripping down all the way, offering much more flirtation than actual nudity. And her sister, known as Baby June in the musical, was the starlet June Havoc. In fact, it was June running off with one of the dancers that led Mama Rose to focus on her eldest daughter, even if it meant stripping in the burlesque halls. And Gypsy's star did indeed rise far into the night sky, and she appeared on many stages, and as well as in the movies. Here is her appearance in the 1943 film, 'Stage Door Canteen.' Gypsy performs "Psychology of a Stripteaser."


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