Friday, November 2, 2012

Post-Sandy Dance Party

The Young Profesionals B.Slade
Simulover Chris Salvatore
Clockwise: The Young Professionals; B.Slade; Chris Salvatore; and Simulover.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, I seem to have a bit of fatigue, as if I was hit by the high winds and rain myself. So I am trying to catch up with myself, and get back to the blog after a couple of days off. I was at a loss as to what to post, feeling little inspiration. I looked around at dance music, still uninspired. I even turned on the cable music station, thinking if all else fails, I would just pick the first four songs and post them. As I was doing that, I decided this was not the answer. I would not find inspiration in random songs. So I decided to pick out four songs by out artists I love to listen to, and suddenly it all fell together. It certainly didn't hurt I began with a great track from B.Slade™ off his album Deep Purple. Enjoy as the so very gifted B.Slade as he sings "Phony Pony."

For more about B.Slade, visit his official website. I have been a fan of SIRPAUL and his amazing music for some time, and when he started working with DJ Alex Lauterstein, I was intrigued. The pairing was called Simulover, and their love of Electronica brought them together to make some sexy, sultry sounds. Listen to one of the songs off the 2011 debut, "Unbroken."

For more about Simulover, visit his official website. And speaking of duos, I have loved the music of Ivri Lider sing the first time I heard it in a movie soundtrack, and was thrilled when I heard he was making some Electronica/Dance music with a new musical partner, Yonathan Goldshtein. The calleed the group The Young Professionals, often abbreviating to TYP. In 2011, they released the album '9:00 To 17:00 To Whenever,' and I bought it the moment it became available. So enjoy the song "With Me" off that debut.

For more about The Young Professionals, visit his official website. And, finally, I will bring in a very handsome singer/songwriter who might be perhaps best known for his acting in the popular 'Eating Out' series, as well as others. I actually first came to know his as a singer/songwriter, enjoying his music. I love 'The Sound of This Beat,' and Salvatore's take on the George Michael song "I Want Your Sex."

For more about Chris Salvatore, visit his official website. Have a great Friday, and an even better weekend.


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