Friday, November 30, 2012

Kendall Kelly • "Bears"

Kendall Kelly - Bears
Kendall Kelly - Bears Kendall Kelly - Bears

Normally I like to try to give a smart, pithy, and sage comment, with the odd chance someone will think I sounded smart. When it comes to Kendall Kelly's "Bears," I just think it best to say enjoy every bear-luvin moment of the video.

"Bears" appears on Kendall Kelly's 2008 album, 'Making Love to the Radio'. You can purchase the album on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby.


  1. I've seen Kendall many times and each time I like him more and more.

    1. Cubby, I've not seen him live, nor do I really know much of his music. But this one, it just hit the mark so squarely. Gotta love it!



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