Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mixed Drinks At The Club

Francine Reed & Lyle Lovett James Taylor & Carly Simon
Michael Feinstein & Cheyenne Jackson Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme
Clockwise: Francine Reed & Lyle Lovett; James Taylor & Carly Simon; Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gormé; and Michael Feinstein & Cheyenne Jackson.

I wasn't sure what I was going to do for the Saturday evening post, but was inspired by the amazing Lyle Lovett to come up with more duets that have a more contemporary feel. I still wanted the music to be perfect for that smokey club we all go to in our dreams, with a classic Jazz feel. So when I focused in on the first entry, even I had to laugh at my ability to bend my own rules. You see, I picked Lyle singing with the talented Francine Reed on "What Do You Do," written by the Lovett, and recorded for his 1989 album, 'Lyle Lovett & His Large Band'. Well, it might not be a time-tested classic, but it sure has that feel to it. So enjoy as Lyle and Francine sing "What Do You Do."

the next song was written in 1963, but most likely had the most familiar cover a decade later, when the husband and wife team of Carly Simon & James Taylor sang "Mockingbird," a song written and recorded by Inez and Charlie Foxx. The song appeared on Simon's album 'Hotcakes,' and went to #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 in early 1974. The two sag it together on tour in 1974, but it was an exciting performance at the 1979 'No Nukes' concert that many will have on their minds when they thing of the song. And here it is.

The song "I'm Nothing Without You," written by Cy Coleman and Chris Zippel, was written for the 1989 Broadway musical, 'City of Angels'. The song appeared on the 2009 album 'The Power of Two'. In fact, the song opened the album, immediately letting the listeners know they were in for some spectacular duets from the two very talented artists.

It's kinda funny, but when I think back to my youth, I remember one couple in particular who was always on the television, whether it was the variety program 'The Carol Burnett Show,' or the wonderful 'Mike Douglas Show,' featuring entertainers from all walks of life. And the married couple were also on just about every Christmas collection I remember hearing. So here they are singing "Something's Gotta Give," written by the great Johnny Mercer in 1954, and first performed by Fred Astaire in the 1955 musical, 'Daddy Long Legs.'

Hope your weekend is a great one!

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