Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Simon Amstell • Do Nothing

Simon Amstell - Do Nothing Live

Okay, I can perhaps tell you about my new British boyfriend, Simon Amstell. Simon is a funny, smart, cute, comedian I just discovered thanks to the brilliant folks at BBC America who televised his special, 'Do Nothing Live'. Apparently, he had a stand-up tour called 'Do Nothing' that was taped and broadcast, as well as available for purchase. I now have a big crush on him, despite the fact he is so damn young. Here is a promotion clip for 'Do Nothing'.

And I might have forgotten to mention that Simon is also an out and proud man. Well, as proud as he will allow himself to be. Check out this clip, as he tells up a little more about his relationship with his cat.

Of course, I find him adorable, but I really find people who make me laugh to be sexy. I found a copy of a series he starred in in the UK, 'Grandma's House'. Once again, I found it so funny, I was sitting there by myself laughing hysterically. Here, I'll let you watch the close of the 'Do Nothing' show.

At the moment, 'Do Nothing Live' is not available on Amazon, but you never know, if you check in again. If you'd like to watch the entire show, I found it online. It is just over an hour long, so be ready for plenty of laughter!

For more about Simon Amstell, visit him official website. And try not to hit on my boyfriend, okay?

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