Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Kris Searle • FREE Music!

Krsi Searle • Dawn of Momentum

'Dawn of Momentum' is the new collection of music from talented artist Kris Searle. The thirteen-track collection features a few songs that had leaked out, as well as several songs I was excited to hear for the first time. The final mixes of "Blue Light Special", "Falling For Your Light (FFYL)", and "Reaper", along with the lead single "Starfire" still have all their charm and delicious Poppiness. The other tracks were completely fresh, and starting with the beauty and longing in the second track, "Disclaimer", I knew this album was going to be special. The fourth track, "Giants In The Dust" is a great song, and features Rapper Tmac, who also appears on "Starfire". Speaking of the lead single, here is the video for "Starfire".

There is a solid Pop sound on "Graduate", and a sweet feel to "LA My Lady". There is just something about "Look In Your Eyes" I find particularly yummy. I could be the honesty shared, or just a great melody. "Momentum" reminds me of the best of New Order, take a wonderful Pop confection to the club. "Reaper" brings back the soul, slowed down to a mid-tempo feel. Then comes "Starfire", which you can hear above. "Sunshine" brings the bright light of love, in sweet Electro-Pop fashion. The album finishes out with a second version of "Starfire", the UK Single edit.

Kris Searle

You can get your copy of 'Dawn of Momentum' for the cost of a Tweet or a Facebook update. Yep, that means for FREE! No, it really is that simple. Click on FREE MUSIC, and get started. Join his mailing list, send the Tweet or update, and you will be sent to link to get the music. You can also leave a 'tip' for the artist, should you desire. And you know, I love supporting the indie artists, and this is a way you can. To learn more about Kris Searle, visit his official website. You can also 'like' him on Facebook, or follow him on Twitter.

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