Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Eric Himan CD Available 4 Pre-Order

The Eric Himan Band

Eric Himan has been a bit of a coy flirt as of late, teasing fans with the impending news release. Well, the time is finally here, and Eric is about to launch a new journey, recording with The Eric Himan Band. 'Formal!' will be released in the early part of 2013, but you can get in your pre-purchase now, with many options from which to choose. You'd like some more information? I'll let Eric tell you all about it.

If Eric is involved, I will be glad to be supporting, that is for sure. I have been a fan of this young man for some time, and try to catch him whenever he is playing in the area. His live shows, as well as his studio albums, have been a big part of the Soundtrack to my Days for almost a decade. I still remember running across his music online, and immediately knowing he was making the music I wanted to hear. In fact, whenever you visit this blog, you will be seeing Eric playing. Well, at least his arms, for that is him in a picture I took at the World Cafe Live in Philadelphia in the background here. You thought you recognized those tattooed arms, didn't you? Here is a video of Eric performing "Left Out", off his latest album 'Supposed Unknown'.

When I find a great artist, one whose music I really love to listen to, I think it is in my own best interest to support them, so they continue to make great music. One of the ways to support to to pre-purchase a download of 'Formal' once it is available. But that is not the only way. You can purchase the download, a t-shirt, and autographed CD, some time to chat with Eric, or even the actual guitar Eric played while writing his album 'Dark Horse'. Much like the upcoming elections, this is your chance to speak up and be heard. Unless you are supporting indie artists like Eric or others, you can't complain about the awful state of the music business. Complaining only adds bad karma to the world. But stepping up and participating in the discussion, with a pre-purchase of some kind or another, you are telling the world that all kinds of music should and will be heard. Check out Eric's PledgeMusic site now.

The Eric Himan Band

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