Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mick Jagger & Tina Turner Live!

Tina Turner and Mick Jagger

There is something about when two iconic artists get together to perform live that is beyond electric, and even beyond explanation. On their own, both Tina Turner and Mick Jagger have more than enough talent to excite a football stadium full of fans. Couple that with their unending charisma, and their unstoppable energy, and you have what seems like a living example of what a star should be.

Tina Turner and Mick Jagger

"State of Shock" was written by Michael Jackson and guitarist Randy Hansen, originally intended for Michael to sing with Freddie Mercury. Due to the demanding schedules of both stars, it never came to be. Instead, Jackson invited Mick to join him in the studio. Come time for the Rolling Stones to perform at Live Aid, Mick invited the immaculate Tina Turner to join him on stage to perform the song in a mash-up with a great Stone's song. So join me in watching and loving this performances form Live Aid in 1985 of "State of Shock" & "It's Only Rock & Roll (But I Like It)".

While still at the 1989 Rock And Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, it would have been wrong had the Rolling Stones not reached into their bag of tricks to pull out a delicious nugget from days gone by. So when they not only performed a huge hit from their 1969 of hits, 'Through the Past, Darkly (Big Hits Vol. 2)'. And it was a surprise for no one that "Honky Tonk Woman" went to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. So when you already have a great song sung by a hall of fame group, can it get any better than that? Only one way it can - add some Tina Turner!

In the mid-1980s, Tina began to include a cover of the great Robert Palmer song, "Addicted To Love", in her live shows. It didn't make it to a record until the end of the decade, on 'Tina Live In Europe'. So it seemed only natural that at some point, Tina would duet on the song with Mick.

Hope you enjoyed it!


  1. They don't make 'em like Mick and Tina anymore that's for sure !



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