Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Brandon Anderson • I'll Keep Driving

Brandon Anderson

Singer/songwriter Brandon Anderson has a new video, and it is special. It features the song "I'll Keep Driving", off his 2012 album 'Guitars & Grievances". The song beautifully captures the spirit of a young man looking to find his way on the journey we call life. We all fight battles along the way, struggle with our place in the world, and the lives we encounter, and how it all affects our own life. Enjoy the video.

Such an amazing song, off a great album. You can purchase 'Guitars & Grievances'  on iTunes, Bandcamp, CD Baby, and Amazon. To learn more about Brandon Anderson, visit his official website.


  1. Great video and great voice, I really liked this, thanks for the tip.

  2. Jason, so glad you like him. Great music to be heard, for sure!

  3. So happy to see Brandon getting the recognition he deserves. He's a very talented artist and a kind and compassionate person. Coming from someone who had the opportunity to work with him on set, I'm happy to say he was a real pleasure. :)

    1. Candace, thanks for stopping by and giving some insight into the man. I do love his music!



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