Friday, October 5, 2012

Johnny Dangerous • Dirty & Stuff

Johnny Dangerous - White Heat cover

Unabashed and unashamed are two words that seem to fit Hip-Hop artist Johnny Dangerous to a 'T'. Out and proud, the performer can rap and sing with ease, and make honest songs that could send the blood rushing to the cheeks of some, and elsewhere for others. His songs have a heat and honesty that leave little to the imagination, like conversations with you best friends when you think no one is listening. Only when Johnny sings, everybody listens!

Johnny Dangerous

In 2008, Johnny released the aptly titled album 'White Heat'. It generated steam track after track, with 15 songs, filled with shade, emotion, and more than a bit of sex. For Johnny, there is no topic that is taboo, and a list of the songs reads like the biggest dreams/fears of The Moral Majority. Well, you know, the differences between dreams and fears is so very slight... Nonetheless, Johnny never walked away from a topic that was too hot, too real, or too sexy. Too pedestrian, perhaps... One of my favorite tracks off 'White Heat' was fairly descriptive of Johnny's work, which you can see when you play the video for "Dirty Is The New Black". IF the previous paragraphs weren't warning enough, I must tell you this and the other videos might be too much for your workplace, so if you think it might be an issue... Oh, hell, I know you'll watch it anyway!

So, now that you've had your first taste of Johnny and are still ready for more, it might just be time for "Curious". The song delves into the thoughts you might have when you you hear someone talking about the type of guy that is just right, and the more you hear, the more you are "Curious" about them. Not just because you are looking for a boyfriend, but sometimes, you are just looking for a great time. Enjoy remembering when your thoughts drifted to those men who make you "Curious".

Another thing Johnny Dangerous has no problem telling about is he's got plans, and they just might involve your man. That's right, ladies, you might think your man might be safe, but if Johnny has his way, you might have to rethink this. Cause if your man is hot, Dangerous wants to put you on notice, for he is gonna "Take Your Man".

You can find all these songs on the album 'White Hot', which can be purchased on iTunes, CD Baby, and Amazon. For more about Johnny Dangerous, visit his official website. You can also 'like' him on Facebook, and 'follow' him on Twitter.

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