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Derek Nicoletto Wants Us All To 'Just Panic & Get It Over With'

Derek Nicoletto

I was thrilled to hear Derek Nicoletto was working on new music. In fact, he's been back in the studio, working on finishing up the new songs. This was great news, as I am still enjoying his last release, 'Kind Ghosts'. In fact, I had just seen Nicoletto performing live a few weeks ago, making an exciting show for Delaware Pride. When I noticed you could pre-order his new collection, I couldn't resist taking a moment to ask a couple of questions of the handsome and talented Nicoletto. And Derek was more than kind to offer up his answers. My first question was if the new album had a name and a schedule? "The new record," he answered, "is a six-song EP called 'Just Panic And Get It Over With'.Full release will be in early (maybe February/March) 2013, but there will be early releases for people who went to the website and pre-ordered." Like many projects that help ease the cash flow of funding releases, there are many options you can take "The highest prize on the pre-order is being able to attend the 2013 Grammy's with me and my dad next year. I can't wait to take him. He was there in the 70's with various project he was on and has been campaigning for me to take him ever since I became a voting member."

Derek Nicoletto - Orion's Light
Derek in the "Orion's Light" video by Telling On Trixie

Of course, as I recently heard him play several songs from his solo debut, I was interested in hearing if the new EP had a different feel than 'Kind Ghosts'? "Definitely," he told me. "It's more eclectic. There are a couple of radio-ready pop songs, but the other songs were non-formulaic and extremely free form in the studio. Two of the songs were produced by Jamie Siegel, who produced the Kind Ghosts album. The other four songs were at the direction of my bandmate Kiyanu Kim. It's really cool to be produced by a brilliant bandmate, who plays with you on stage, then takes ideas from those performances and parlays them into studio recordings. What a ride" So, where does Derek find inspiration for writing songs? "Sometimes they are distinct things I'm going through. Sometimes they are about fictional characters or are inspired by stories I overhear or that I am told. A lot of times, they include hopeful lessons I want to teach myself, like the title track of 'Kind Ghosts,' and on this album, two songs called "Kings Are We" and "San Simeon." Every one of my songs is an exploration of a certain moment." With all this talk of the creative process, I was interested in knows what part of the process does Derek enjoy the most: writing, recording, or performing? "Those are three different rides at the same carnival" he explained. "The fact that what I do encompasses those three very different processes and experiences is tremendously fulfilling. The way I tour this album is going to be completely different than anything I've ever done. I'm keeping it a secret right now though. But it's really something new and something I don't see any other artists doing."

Derek Nicoletto - Hooker With A rescue Plan
Derek in his video for "Hustler With A Rescue Plan"

I was also looking to know what does the pre-order help the artist do? "Pre-orders help me finish sooner and get to the stage quicker," he answered straight forwardly. "Pre-orders really make everything easier for artists. Right now, if you buy the digital download of this album, it's $5 for 6 songs. When it hits iTunes it's going to be more expensive and a third of that money goes to Apple. All of that $5 goes to me. Who do you want to give the money to, for the same product? Believe me, as an Apple freak, they get enough of my money. Also, this time I opted out of Kickstarter because I realized I could just do it on my own website. Kickstarter is a great platform for people, but I did this same crowd-funding thing with Telling on Trixie's 'Ugly, Broke and Sober' before any of those sites started and all we had as a model was Jill Sobule. She's really all we ever needed. So I'm going back to that method. I created a page on my site, here. Shortly after the release of  'Just Panic And Get It Over With' I'm going to release a book of lyrics. Now that I have five studio albums under my belt from Telling on Trixie, Derek and the Darling and my solo albums, I wanted to memorialize the lyrics. If you're a lyric freak, like I am, you'll dig my book." I will have to admit I was a fan of Telling On Trixie, and was in fact a supporter of "A Band With A Plan", the fundraising for the second album. It was with the first album that I discovered the talented lead singer, Derek.

Derek Nicoletto - Kind Ghosts
Derek in the video for "Kind Ghosts"

I could not resist asking Derek which of all his songs were his favorite date? "Right now I'm in a very "Take Medicine" mood. That's a happy, sexy place to be. We had a blast writing and recording that song. I perform it in every show. And the rap that God-des laid on "Take Medicine" is flawless and so freaking hot."

So I am sure there are others like me who are excited about the new music, and ready to step up and pre-order. Again, visit the official page and check out the options! For more about Derek Nicoletto, visit his official website. You can also "like" him on Facebook, or follow him on Twitter.

Derek Nicoletto
Derek in his video for "Champion"

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