Friday, October 19, 2012

Dancing this Fine October Weekend!

Aiden Leslie Naommon
Angelo Sean Ensign
Clockwise: Aiden Leslie; Naommon; Sean Ensign; and Angelo.

It is Friday, and time to get the party started! Don't you agree? I hope you do, because I am ready to shake my groove thing with some great out and proud musicians I really hope you enjoy them as much as I do. You might have noticed in the pictures above, these boys are just gorgeous, but don't let their great looks miss the fact they are also talented! I will lead off one of a couple of newcomers to the blog, Aiden Leslie. He brings us "Diamond Dreams", with lyrics written by him, describing his drive and goals when he was fresh out of high school and moving to New York City to pursue his dreams in music. Enjoy the music video from Aiden Leslie for "Diamond Dreams".

You can purchase the single "Diamond Dreams" from iTunes and Amazon. For more about Aiden, visit his official website.

Our next artist is a French-born singer currently making his home in London. Naommon has a great voice that he loves to use to tackle many different genres, utilizing his influences that are as varied as can be. "Shake To The Earthquake" combines his love for great Pop with his time spent dancing in the clubs to make for a wonderful song.

You can find the single "Shake To The Earthquake" on 'Love Is Struggling', which can be purchased from iTunes and Amazon. For more about Naommon, visit his official website.

I make no bones about the fact I am a big fan of New York-based Angelo, who has been spending some time traveling to the UK and Europe in support of his latest release, 'Narcissus Drowned'. I hope you listen to one of the tracks off the album, "Go'head! (Luv & Jeeve Remix)".

"Go 'Head" is a track off the album 'Narcissus Drowned' and you can purchase it from iTunes and Amazon. To learn more about Angelo visit his official website.

With the final entry in tonight's post, I will offer you one of the favorite songs of my friend, Ricky Morgan. He is the first one to get me turned on to the music of Sean Ensign, and it was the single "Boyfriend" that did it! It is saucy and smart, two things I love in music.

You can find "Boyfriend" as part of 'Boyfriend: The Remixes' and can purchase it from iTunes and Amazon. To learn more about Sean Ensign visit his official website. Have a great weekend!

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