Friday, February 20, 2015

Date Night • Let's Fall In Love & Eden

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Tonight, I offer you up a bit of love for date night. The first is an Italian short by director Pappi Corsicato that seems to get some inspiration from Cole Porter. In 1928, the song "Let's Do It, Let's Fall in Love" premiered on the Broadway stage in the musical 'Paris'. As an instrumental version of the song plays in the background of the 3 minute film, two young men walk through a mall, sharing more than just a moment. Unfortunately, love is an emotion that doesn't always fly solo. Some are taught that fear goes with their love. This is 'Let's Fall in Love'.

Our next short film was written by Jason A. Rostovsky and directed by Sean Willis. Together, they also acted as producers for 'Eden'. The story takes place in the future, and looks at the relationship of Adam (Devon Graye) and Everett (Derek Stusynski), two young men trapped in a world where everyone is telling them there is something wrong with them. It is with the help of a nurse (Mary Mackey) that they learn love is the answer. This is 'Eden'.

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